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Centre for Musical Arts
The Centre for Musical Arts, established in 2006, provides high
quality musicianship to the young and the young at heart. Also
by investing the sponsorships it receives into its facilities, CMA
has also been able to attract some of the world’s finest music
instructors who were keen on imparting their skills to the
community in a world-class environment.
Fitness and
Golden Falcon Karate Center
Classes for children are
available at Golden Falcon
Karate Center and the good
news is that they have several
branches in both Dubai and
Sharjah and are able to provide
transport if required.
Visit: www.goldenfalconkarate.
Zen Yoga blends basic
yoga poses with special
activities that not only
build coordination and
concentration, but also
stimulate your child’s verbal,
spatial, and artistic skills. In
this playful environment, kids
from 4 to 10 years discover
that yoga is fun, feels good,
and that taking care of their
bodies is easy.
Oct/Nov 2014