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Alongside with the homework, the
activities and the exams, with school
re-opening comes another dilemma-
-what to pack in our kids lunchboxes.
To help solve the dilemma,
with an expert who explained how to
make kids lunchboxes not only tasty
but wholesome and healthy…
With schools re-opening soon, why
is it so important that parents take
precaution when it comes to preparing
healthy and balanced lunches for
their school-going child? To explain,
Anita Apel, Nutritionist at the Organic
Foods and Cafe, explains that food has
an effect on our concentration levels,
energy and mood. “Parents think they
do the right thing by feeding their kids
breakfast loaded with sugar to give
them energy, but the opposite is true,”
she says, as sugar raises children’s
glucose levels and they will be moody,
won’t be able to concentrate and will
eventually crave for more. Instead she
advises to opt for certified organic
balanced whole foods with good Ph
neutral/alkaline water that will help
your children focus, lift their mood
and boost energy levels.
The Impact of a
Good Lunch at School
According to Apel, whole foods
and special complex carbohydrates
are important to keep glucose
levels balanced in the blood which
improves brain function. “Complex
Oct/Nov 2014