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Tips for Helping
Your Kids Eat
• Start slowly and add healthy
food step-by-step
• Make lunch boxes
interesting – use different
colored fruit and vegetables
or shapes
• Give age related amounts
of food (ask a nutritionist
what it means) – and don’t
overload the lunch box!
• Explain what food does to
your body
• Let kids help you in the
• Take the kids into the “right”
whole food supermarket
and involve them into your
shopping by choosing and
asking for samples to taste
(Credit: Anita Apel, Nutritionist at
the Organic Foods and Café)
carbohydrates also provide naturally
high amounts of very important
brain building vitamins such as ‘the
Vitamin-B- Complex’ and a lot of
minerals like magnesium, potassium
and calcium,” she says, and these work
together to aid children’s concentration
and enhance their mood.
Kid Friendly Snack Ideas:
• Organic whole grain sandwiches/
rolls topped with organic vegetarian
spread plus salad leaves/vegetables
and white/hard cheese preferably
goat or sheep cheese.
• Easy finger food such as: cocktail
tomatoes, raw carrot sticks,
cucumber, sweet red and yellow
pepper sticks, organic non-GM*
corn (*genetically modified)
• Fresh plain yogurt/cottage cheese/
• Avocado/vegetable dip with fresh
herbs (dill, parsley, sweet paprika
powder, pepper and sea salt)
• Parmesan cheese sticks
• Whole grain crispy bread
• Mozzarella and tomato sticks
• Burger made from grains, quinoa
and/or vegetables
• Complex carbohydrate salad made
from quinoa or brown rice or
buckwheat or whole grain bulgur or
potatoes or whole grain pasta mixed
with either raw vegetables and/
or fruits. And topped with cashew
nuts/walnuts or almonds, sunflower
seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame
seeds, extra virgin olive oil, or apple
cider vinegar or lemon juice.
Healthy Fruit Salads Can
Include the Following:
• Seeds
• Walnuts/cashew nuts/almonds (if
• Dark chocolate chips
• Ripe bananas, apple, grapes, mango,
pineapple, watermelon, honey
melon, Goji berries, blueberries or
• Avoid oranges and kiwi as these are
too acidic and too high in simple
• Add one teaspoon of honey if
desired and mix with oat flakes or
whole grain flakes or cooked millet
Healthy Vegetable Salad Ideas:
• Cooked or raw carrots plain or
mixed with raw or cooked celery,
parsley mixed with almonds or nuts
• Mixed Greek style (mix of sweet
pepper, corn cucumber, tomato and
feta cheese)
• Raw or cooked broccoli /cauliflower
salad mixed with almonds/nuts
• Salads made from cooked lentils/
beans (black, red, green, brown)
mixed with fruit such as apples,
oranges or vegetables such as
celery/carrots/peas with nuts
• Dressing made of sunflower/olive/
pumpkin/oil and lemon / orange
• Feta Cheese
Oct/Nov 2014