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For parents deciding when the best time to put their toddler
into nursery can be fraught with anxiety and fear of the
child not adjusting. However as
learns, most
children fortunately thrive in nursery...
The Personality Type
Children often enter nursery
school at the age of three; however
children as young as two may enter
nursery school. Some nursery
schools have age restrictions and
parents must decide if their child
is ready to enter however experts
agree that the ideal age is often
dependent on the temperament of
the child and the type of nursery.
For example, a nursery school with
a more rigorous academic program
may not be ideal for children
that are two years old however
by age three, a
child may be more
ready to separate
from parents on
a short term basis
and begin the process
of socializing with other
children on a more
intimate level.
Oct/Nov 2014