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Signs of
that are extremely
anxious, fearful, and dependent
may have more difficulty
adjusting to such a new
environment. However many
children may experience initial
anxiety and slowly begin to
adjust to a new environment.
that are extremely
fearful of strangers and dislike
playing with other children of a
similar age may have difficulty
that complete healthy
developmental milestones may
be more ready to enter nursery
school. For instance, at about
two years old children begin to
communicate symbolically and
begin the process of language
in safe and stable
family environments also begin
to gain a greater sense of trust
and autonomy.
that are overly
attached to the primary
caregiver will have a difficult
time separating even for a
short period of time. Even if a
child shows signs that he/she
is not ready for nursery school,
parents can help the child to
adjust and take steps to reduce
any anxiety it may cause.
Introducing the
Concept To Your Child
• Parents can help introduce the nursery concept to child by
talking and giving them time to prepare emotionally.
• Parents can help children by focusing on the positive aspects
of nursery and expressing to the child that such an experience
can be exciting and fun.
• It is very important that parents prepare and inform the child
of the changes prior to the first day of nursery school.
• Parents can also help by letting the child visit the school and
meet with other children that may be in his/her class. By
visiting the school with the child, parents can help make the
situation less intimidating and make the transition easier.
• During this process the child should also meet the teacher and
begin the process of adjusting to other adults being part of his/
her life.
• The most important factor is for parents to normalize the
concept of nursery school, and if parents are showing signs of
anxiety, the child may begin to mimic their behaviour.
Tips for Parents
• Visit nursery schools and shop around as each is different
• Speak to teachers and maintain contact
• Do not worry if your child is scared or anxious
• Even for a healthy child nursery school can be a scary concept
• Be positive and this will help your child stay positive
• Your child entering nursery school can be scary for parents too! Don’t
forget to process your feelings
• Remember that each child is different and one size does not fit all in
nursery schools
• When dropping/picking up child try to stick to a specific schedule as
time differences can confuse or create more anxiety for the child.
Oct/Nov 2014