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Many studies have shown
that nut consumption has potential
beneficial effects for heart disease,
diabetes, Alzheimer’s
disease, and cancer.
Nuts are rich
healthy fats,
proteins and
One serving of this super
food provides more
antioxidant activity than most
fruits and vegetables! Antioxidants
fight the free radicals that cause
and play a role in
preventing cancer.
In fact, darker
colored berries tend
to provide optimal
anti-aging benefits
as they have the
highest amounts of
Tomatoes contain lycopene,
an antioxidant compound
that helps maintain
youthful skin and
may reduce the risk
of some types of
cancer as well as
heart disease.
Dark leafy greens like
kale and spinach contain plant
pigments that protect your eyes
from the harmful effects of the
sun as well as keep your vision
sharp. Leafy greens are also rich
in Vitamin K, a nutrient that plays
a role in reducing bone loss and
preventing fractures.
Olive oil
The monounsaturated fats
found in olive oil play a role in
lowering bad cholesterol and thus
decrease the risk of heart disease.
Additionally, olive oil works as an
excellent skin moisturizer due to
its high content of antioxidants
and vitamin E as they both work
naturally to protect us from free
radicals, which are known to
accelerate the aging process.
Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate will curb
your sweet tooth and help you
age gracefully as well! Studies
show that cocoa flavonols
help preserve the
healthy function of
blood vessels which
lowers the risk of
high blood pressure,
type 2 diabetes,
kidney disease and
The Right
Bite Nutrition
Centre is located in the heart
of Dubai, with telephone
numbers +971 4 3388763
and +971 4 3425208. It also
operates in Abu Dhabi, with
a satellite office located at The
American Surgecenter, 26th
Street, Villa 408, Al Rawdah
Area, telephone number
+9712 4430909.
About The Right Bite
Nutrition Centre:
Right Bite is a specialised
centre for expert nutritional
consultation and bespoke
gourmet healthy meal
delivery service. A pioneer
in advocating healthy eating
habits, Right Bite is dedicated
to helping customers achieve
and maintain a healthy
lifestyle through educated
food choices, and by
providing customised meal
packages that are results-
oriented, convenient and
flavourful. Right Bite works
with the best medical and
culinary experts to ensure that
eating healthier becomes a
way of life for its customers.
though there is no magic
cure for turning back the
clock, eating nutrient-
dense, healthy foods from
all of the five different food
groups (grains, protein
dairy, vegetables and fruits),
cutting down on processed
foods, fried items and sugar
filled beverages, leading an
active lifestyle and wearing
sunscreen will keep you
looking and feeling younger
and wonderful!
Oct/Nov 2014