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Turn your city
with Breast Cancer Arabia™
UAE teens face serious health
threats with eating disorders
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This Pinktober let’s raise
awareness and show
support for those diagnosed
with breast cancer.
Dubai Creek Striders Pink
Run On October 3rd; choose
to run either 6k or 10k.
Dress in PINK.
Location: The WTC Car
Park opposite The Novotel
Hotel; time: 6 am
For further details, contact:
Slippery 5 a-side Football
Tournament on October 10th
Football with a difference
Root causes for the
development of eating
disorders in UAE
adolescents are familial,
biological, social and
cultural factors
Potentially irreversible
medical complications of
eating disorders include
growth retardation, pubertal
delay or arrest, osteoporosis
and risk of fractures. Eating
Oct/Nov 2014
Played (in socks) on a 10m x
20m inflatable football pitch
covered with soapy water.
Teams can be male, female
or mixed and can
have 2 substitutes.
Get involved, have
fun and show your
support for women
fighting breast
Powerplay, Al
Meydan Road
Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm
Team entry: Dhs100 per
For further details – www.
Pink Plunge…jump just
because on October 17th
Fancy taking part in a
personal challenge? Do
you want to do something
a little different this year
to show your support for
breast cancer patients? If the
answer is yes sign up and
take the Plunge!
Location: Emirates Golf Club
Time: 12:00 – 17:30
For further details
In 2000, Drs. Nicolas & Asp
launched the Small Mouths
Program with the aim of
educating students about
their overall health. Now, 15
years later, the program not
only reaches 29,000 children
across Dubai per academic
year, but also, it impacts their
lives in more ways than one.
The program uses puppets,
tooth models and educational
DVDs to demonstrate proper
oral hygiene. While flossing
techniques are vital to ensuring
children take care of their teeth;
the program also educates
them about eating healthy and
exercising. These two elements
of overall health are crucial to a
city full of children where there
is a diabetes epidemic spreading.
Other than teaching a child to
brush their teeth twice a day,
the Small Mouths Program
offers Dental Screen services
to check for tooth decay and
orthodontic disorders. Through
this program, 20,500 children
have been screened in a year,
this puts Drs. Nicolas & Asp
ahead of the pack in terms of
preventative oral and dental
disorders have the highest
mortality rate amongst all
mental health disorders,
most often due to suicide or
medical complications. It is no
secret that the UAE has one
of the highest obesity rates
in adolescents. In addition to
the risk of chronic lifestyle
conditions; adolescents face yet
another health-related threat
with Binge Eating Disorders.
Dr Veena Luthra, Consultant
Psychiatrist, American Centre
for Psychiatry and Neurology,
Abu Dhabi, UAE, will reflect
on the psychological and
physical dangers of eating
disorders in UAE adolescents
at the Paediatrics Conference
during the Arab Health
Recruitment & Training Fair
from 18-20 October 2014 at the
Abu Dhabi National Exhibition
Oct/Nov 2014