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HEALTH invites readers to send in comments and suggestions

to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…


the New Look

Lorena Fajardo

from Dubai

writes, “I’d like to commend

the whole HEALTH team for

consistently coming up with

excellent work in each issue. I’ve

been reading the magazine for

years now primarily because

of its informative content, but

I especially take my hats off

to the team as the completely

revamped magazine has

become an inspiring and

indispensable reference for

true wellness. Each article

and feature is intelligently

considered and even the design

is visually appealing. The way

each issue of the magazine is

put together has progressively

improved. HEALTH truly

deserves a spot on everyone’s

reading list!”

A Family





Sharjah writes, “I

recently picked up

your magazine in

Thumbay Hospital

Dubai and figured

it to be a medical

magazine. To

be honest, I was

surprised to see

the wide variety

of articles and

good mix of

topics. Health is a

magazine for the

entire family and I

especially love the

editor’s favorites.

Keep up the good



Tina Roger

from Dubai

writes, “I just

had my first

baby one

month back. I

would like to

suggest you

add a section

dedicated just

to moms and

their babies

so we, as new

moms, can have

a platform for

interaction and

receiving expert

advice from all

of the different


areas of baby

wellness and

care. Thanks.”


Noc/Dec 2015