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How Do I


Jenny Lee

from Ajman

writes: “I am passionate about

cooking and collecting recipes

from all across the world. I

read your food and recipes

sections with active interest,

but noticed there is no forum

for readers to send in recipes.

I am sure that like me, there

must be many aspiring cooks

out there, willing to share

tips and tricks alongside

some wonderful recipes with

readers. Please advise how

readers can go about doing

this. Thanks.”

The editor responds:

“This is definitely an

interesting idea Jenny and

one that we can think about

implementing in 2017.”

Aspiring Blog-


Lauren Jones

from Dubai

writes: “I enjoy your ‘blogger in

the spotlight’ feature every is-

sue. However, as a person who

hopes to one day start blog-

ging myself, can you include

a story on how to get into

blogging? The steps, the tricks

and tips from the experts who

already do this? It will inspire

and help others, who like me,

are confused as to where and

how to begin.”

The editor responds:

“Thanks Lauren. Great idea! I

think blogging is taking over

much of social media now and

it is imperative we all learn to

catch up to this very current


Letters to the Editor

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to further improve our content. We welcome all letters…



Priyanka Ashok


Dubai writes: “I am a big

beauty buff and enjoy

discovering new beauty

products all the time. Can

you also include dupes of

the other high-end prod-

ucts? Other brands like NYX

and L’Oreal, which are more

affordable and offer more

value for money. Otherwise,

the editor’s favorites are my

favorite part of the maga-


The editor responds:

“Thanks Priyanka. That’s a

great idea! We will surely

incorporate a dupes sec-

tion and add a few more of

the value for money beauty

brands also. Thanks for your



Nov/Dec 2016