Doctors See Rise in Sports-Related Injuries During Summer Months

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50 percent of summer sport injuries can be prevented with helpful tips

The mercury levels might be soaring outside, but exercise lovers remain determined to pursue their health and fitness routine, unaffected by the rising heat. While summer may not deter the spirit of all sport aficionados, it is prime time for sports injuries.
“Sport-related injuries are common during the summer, and while most injuries are acute, 50 percent of them can be prevented,” said Dr. Hussam Antwan Touma, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist, Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at ERHC. Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare (ERHC), an Emirates Healthcare company, managed by NMC ProVita International Medical Center.

An acute injury occurs suddenly and is usually associated with trauma such as cracking a bone, spraining a ligament, tearing a muscle or bruising. It could also be a result of falling or crashing into another player during sports competition.

“Summer is the perfect season for swimming and bike riding, tennis, and indoor football; with different kinds of ground materials; however, improper form can lead to shoulder, knee or ankle injuries and even fractures. Wearing worn-out shoes, having poor nutrition and hydration, incorrect use of equipment, inadequate warm up, poor training and insufficient safety precautions can also lead to injury. Doctors suggest practicing good form and technique in order to reduce the risk of injury to muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones,” added Dr. Hussam Touma.

Each type of exercise has its own unique features, advantages and challenges. While it is good to commit to an exercise program, it is important to know your physical limits, too. Doctors suggests incorporating warm up exercises and learning the fundamentals from a pro to maximize performance with the least risk of injury.
“It’s always good practice to incorporate a set routine for your exercise regimen but if you believe you have an existing injury, it is best to consult a doctor before continuing with your exercise program. When it comes to your health and well-being, it is important to be sure you receive the most accurate information best treatment available,” concluded Dr Hussam Touma.

NMC ProVita’s Dubai-based services operated by ERHC provide post-acute rehabilitative services, holistic patient care and home nursing, treating patients with acute sports injuries through its multidisciplinary team of internationally trained and specialised physicians, therapists and nurses working together to improve the quality of life for patients. These post-acute care services fall in line with the National Agenda of UAE’s Vision 2021 to focus on preventive medicine to ensure longer and healthier lives for citizens.

The facility offers a CARF (Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) International accredited continuum of care, the first of its kind to be internationally recognised in Dubai, that bridges the gap between hospital and home with specialised, non-invasive rehabilitation services via programmes for home care, inpatient care, outpatient care, post-acute rehabilitation, transitional care (hospital to home) and residential long-term care.

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