Fidda Al Marzouqi Talks Trends

Fidda Al Marzouqi is an Abu Dhabi based fashion designer and founder of Emirati Couture brand, Cabochon. Her creative persona aligns well with her leadership and entrepreneurial qualities, highlighting her execution of stunning haute couture pieces that are aimed at making women feel absolutely regal and breathtaking in their beauty. Here are her top tipsRead more about Fidda Al Marzouqi Talks Trends[...] Read More

The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease

Having coronary artery disease (CAD) raises the risk for a Heart Attack. Therefore, knowing the warning signs is vital in seeking medical attention on time. If your heart disease gets worse, your arteries will narrow, and less blood will flow to your heart. You may start to have angina symptoms, such as chest pain orRead more about The Warning Signs of Coronary Artery Disease[...] Read More

Teens with Screens: How Parents Can Provide Balance

Parents, let’s face it; social media is here to stay and most teenagers are active with their own Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts. Instead of fighting the trend, teach these simple rules to your teens for safe social networking. Be polite Bad behavior is just as unacceptable in the virtual world as it is inRead more about Teens with Screens: How Parents Can Provide Balance[...] Read More

What You Need to Know about Your Child’s Growing Teeth

As our baby’s first few teeth erupt, many parents dismiss these as milk teeth and are less careful about taking care. Yet the reality is that it is these teeth that will be the cornerstone of healthy adult teeth. Here are some tips to help. Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled no laterRead more about What You Need to Know about Your Child’s Growing Teeth[...] Read More

Supplements for Gorgeous Hair

Whether you have thinning hair, hair loss, or just dull, lackluster locks, give these supplements a try. Vitamin B: The four types of B vitamins required for healthy hair are biotin, para amino benzoic acid, vitamin B6, and inositol. Vitamin C: Is known to be important in the production of tyrosine in the body, whichRead more about Supplements for Gorgeous Hair[...] Read More

Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?

Juggling tight deadlines, an office commute, and dealing with day-to-day stressors often has us reaching for unhealthy snacks in the middle of it all. Learn how to get off the stressful eating cycle and live a healthier life. How Stress Makes us Hungry Chronic unrelenting stress, thekind most of us live with every day,often makesRead more about Is Stress Controlling Your Appetite?[...] Read More


A new contemporary dining Japanese street food restaurant in Dubai— ONI brings its fresh produce and meats straight from the food markets of Hoikkaido; the second largest Japanese island to its kitchen where executive chef Mohammed Islam and his team work their culinary magic in their open kitchen. Decked out in black and beige withRead more about A MODERN JAPANESE STREET FOOD DINING EXPERIENCE AT ONI[...] Read More

Keep Your Eyes in Optimal Health This Summer

With the harsh rays of the sun coupled with frequent dry winds and indoor air conditioning, our eyes are very susceptible to dryness and potential damage if not protected. Here are some easy tips to ensure your eyes stay well protected this summer. Sunglasses In the case of sunglasses, it’s best to splurge on aRead more about Keep Your Eyes in Optimal Health This Summer[...] Read More

Ask the Experts

From pediatric questions to general medical queries, our panel of experts is here to answer your questions…. PILES IN PREGNANCY Question: I am eight months pregnant and after experiencing discomfort while sitting down, was diagnosed with piles. Is this normal and how is it treated? Dr. Diethart Bayer, general surgeon responds, “Fissures during pregnancy areRead more about Ask the Experts[...] Read More


Women have madestrides in educationand careers, yet stillsometimes neglecttheir own health. Hereare some simple, yeteffective tips to boostyour sense of wellbeingtoday. Tip 1 Stop Eating Diet Food Tired of avoiding carbs and constantly eating non-fat diet foods? Remember, eating weight loss foods doesn’t necessary mean these are good for your health as these are oftenRead more about A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO WELLNESS[...] Read More