Sleep your Way to better Health

sleep Lack of sleep can leave us feeling disoriented and sluggish; however, did you know that sleep is actually directly linked to your wellbeing? HEALTH takes a closer look. What it Means With today’s increased levels of stress and anxiety, is it any wonder that many of us are not getting enough sleep? According to Dr. Ajaz Yasmeen, Specialist Internal Medicine, chronicRead more about Sleep your Way to better Health[...] Read More

Right Bite

Right Bite Summer is here in full swing and for many of us, this means a serious lull in our daily workout routine and healthy eating plan. But this doesn’t have to be the case with some of the best healthy food delivery companies in Dubai. HEALTH puts them to the test… To Start: Right Bite’s philosophyRead more about Right Bite[...] Read More

Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic?

plastic More than eco-friendly, glass products are gaining popularity also because of their health benefits. HEALTH speaks with Elisabeth Stephenson, Founder and Managing Director of Non-Toxic Source, an ecofriendly distribution company based in the UAE, who reveals why this initiative is close to her heart. The Beginnings A healthy lifestyle has always been important to Stephensen,Read more about Why You Should Avoid Using Plastic?[...] Read More

Understanding Yin Yoga

Understanding Yin Yoga Defined Yin Yoga, explains Kassab, is a style of yoga which can be practiced by anybody as it is very slow and relaxing. The practice was extracted from the practice of Hatha that later on evolved to Yin postures as influenced by the medicinal advantages of yoga. Hatha originated in India while it was fromRead more about Understanding Yin Yoga[...] Read More

Put Your Best Face Forward This Summer

HEALTH chats with Regional Makeup Artist and Trainer for Urban Decay in the Middle East Izabela Cruz who says for summer 2016, get ready for a season of bolder aspects and glittery swipes of color making a scene and showing off your individuality Prep Properly The secret to staying immaculately made-up in the summer sunRead more about Put Your Best Face Forward This Summer[...] Read More

Start Enjoying Your Life Today With these Easy Tips

Start Enjoying Your Life Today With these Easy Tips HEALTH LEARNS THAT JUST FIVE MINUTES A DAY CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE CREATIVE VISUALIZATION: Pick a time of the day where you can spend five minutes uninterrupted and do nothing but focus on your goals and what you want to achieve in your life,  imagining your future and your dreams. This exercise will move youRead more about Start Enjoying Your Life Today With these Easy Tips[...] Read More

Can We Achieve a Work-Life Balance?

Can We Achieve a Work-Life Balance? Today, stress levels are at an all-time high and most of us are in search of achieving that ideal work-life balance. HEALTH meets Priya Cima, Founder of wellness site to find out if  this can truly be achieved. Today’s Reality Balance doesn’t exist – there is no tightrope we get to walk on, noRead more about Can We Achieve a Work-Life Balance?[...] Read More

Getting Sick Before The Holiday

holiday health Long hours on a plane can mean increased susceptibility to disease and illness. HEALTH looks at the top ways to keep yourself healthy while travelling on a plane. Spread of  Infection According to Family Medicine Specialist Dr. Shagufta Zia, it is easy to acquire an infection in the form of cough, cold, or flu whilstRead more about Getting Sick Before The Holiday[...] Read More

Health Tips to Survive the Sandstorm Season

Health Tips to Survive the Sandstorm Season With the summer heat often come associated sandstorms which can trigger health problems such as asthma. Therefore, knowing how to control your asthma during sandstorms can provide asthmatics with a better quality of life. The following tips can help you survive the sandstorm season: Stay Indoors – Stay indoors as much as possible during sandstorms and keep windows and doors closed. Reduce exposure to common allergens during sandstormsRead more about Health Tips to Survive the Sandstorm Season[...] Read More

Take Precaution Now with the Latest Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings

Prevention is always better than the cure and to discuss this further, HEALTH meets with Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences Product Manager Ranjini Mohan who highlights the vital role of screening tests, predictive genetic tests, and monitoring tests in preventing the disease and saving lives. BACKGROUND Patients with a personal history of either Breast andRead more about Take Precaution Now with the Latest Breast and Colon Cancer Screenings[...] Read More