Ask the Experts

From pediatric questions to general medical queries, our panel of experts is here to answer your questions…. PLANTAR FASCIITIS The question: I have recently developed plantar fasciitis for which I am taking medication. Is there anything else I can do to alleviate the pain? Cristina Craciun, Senior Physiotherapist responds, “Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation ofRead more about Ask the Experts[...] Read More

Is there a path to end the Autism Epidemic?

Between the ongoing debate about the possible link between autism and vaccinations, J.B. Handley, the father of a child with autism and Author of the book ‘How to End the Autism Epidemic’, suggests a promising middle-ground solution for this growing epidemic. TWO SIDES OF THE DEBATE On one side of the debate are parents whoRead more about Is there a path to end the Autism Epidemic?[...] Read More

Your heart healthy checklist

☑ From lifestyle and exercise to the foods we eat, we all aspire to maintain optimal cardiovascular health. Use our checklist to help. ☑ Seek out early medical consultation if you suffer from any problems related to your heart or if you have pre-existing hereditary heart conditions already. ☑ Focus on eating foods which includeRead more about Your heart healthy checklist[...] Read More

Simple habits to help boost your self-confidence

Simple steps that you can do easily on a daily basis can actually help you improve your life greatly, as HEALTH finds out. Visualization: Choose a quiet time and place at home where you can spend just five minutes uninterrupted and do nothing but focus on your goals, what you want to achieve in yourRead more about Simple habits to help boost your self-confidence[...] Read More

Paying attention… to yourself

Despite women juggling home and career, we are still putting ourselves last on the priorities list. Use our guide to help make yourself number one and in turn, boost your wellbeing. Get active: Make it a habit to eat well, sleep well, and simply take some time out to breathe. No matter how hectic yourRead more about Paying attention… to yourself[...] Read More

Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food

Good for the Brain Foods According to health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford, the brain is 60 percent fat, therefore, children who eat good fats–from raw nuts, seeds, and oily fish–double their chances of high academic performance. Children who eat damaged fats–in fried food and takeaways–are reportedly often badly behaved and also, perform badly atRead more about Improve Your Child’s Behavior with Food[...] Read More

Nurturing a Positive Body – Image in your Teen

With Instagram filters and photo shopping images seemingly the way forward, the self-esteem of even the most self-confident teenager can take a beating. HEALTH discusses body image in teens with Counselling Psychologist Reem Shaheen. Today’s Teens According to Reem, teenagers today are exposed to articles and images that suggest what their bodies are supposed toRead more about Nurturing a Positive Body – Image in your Teen[...] Read More


HEALTH meets with Dr. Layla Mohamed Al Marzouqi, Director, The Medical Tourism Council, Dubai, UAE, to learn more about the Dubai government’s latest initiatives in promoting Dubai as a key medical tourism hub. MEDICAL TOURISM PLANS “We have a long-term target we want to reach by 2020 where we obtain half a million medical touristsRead more about MEDICAL TOURISM INSIGHTS[...] Read More


With 2.5 million known Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients world-wide, approximately 55 in every 100,000 people in UAE live with the condition. The ratio, however, is increasing. HEALTH speaks to Mahmood El Belushi, Certified Trainer and Life Coach living with MS, about how a positive outlook can boost wellbeing. DEFINED Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a diseaseRead more about LIVING WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS[...] Read More

10 Conditions Magnesium Can Relieve And The Top 5 Herbal Sources

10 Conditions Magnesium Can Relieve And The Top 5 Herbal Sources Nutrient deficiencies cause various health issues, and apparently, we become completely aware of their importance when we experience them. Magnesium is extremely important for our body as it sustains life, and supports the function of all body organs, but numerous people are deficient of it. It helps the production of enzymes and energy and regulatesRead more about 10 Conditions Magnesium Can Relieve And The Top 5 Herbal Sources[...] Read More