Home Space

home With a natural flair for design and artistic aspirations inherent from childhood, Hameed Hani is the owner and chief designer for 5MM, a London-based but globally minded high-end residential interiors design consultancy. His practice is driven by passion and creativity to create interiors that evoke emotions and feelings. Q. What are the upcoming trends in modern interiors? Hani – Luxury finishesRead more about Home Space[...] Read More

Does your child need vitamins?

CHILD NEED VITAMINS Though as parents we try our best to ensure our children obtain the best possible diet, the reality is sometimes vitamin supplementation is required for optimal health. HEALTH speaks to Professor and Pediatrician Dr. Mahmoud Elsaye Attia Shamseldeen who explains more… The Top Vitamins and Minerals for Kids Vitamin A promotes normal growth and development with tissue and bone repair. Good sources includeRead more about Does your child need vitamins?[...] Read More

Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood

Safe Motherhood HEALTH met with renowned Bollywood actress and film producer Raveena Tandon who visited Thumbay Hospital in Fujairah to endorse the hospital’s campaign ‘Promoting Safe Motherhood’. She explained why this campaign held a particularly special place in her heart. Promoting Campaigns “I think it’s very important especially in countries like India where there is not much awareness about the importance of a mother-to-behealthy first and foremost in order to have a healthy baby. IRead more about Raveena Tandon Talks Safe Motherhood[...] Read More

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?

Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child? For a child who stutters, having to speak publicly or hold a conversation can be terrifying. HEALTH finds out what parents can do to help this child. The Beginning In children, stuttering usually happens between the ages of two and six years and more often in boys than in girls. Dr. Raymond Hamden, Clinical and Forensic Psychologist explains that while it may beRead more about Is Stuttering Taking a Toll on Your Child?[...] Read More

Watermelon and Feta Salad

Watermelon and Feta Salad Watermelon is in season and at its absolute best right now, juicy, and when served chilled, extremely refreshing. Perfect when it comes to breaking your fast during Ramadan. The addition of crumbly feta cheese, pine nuts, lime, pomegranate and basil creates a well-rounded flavor and nutritional profile. Prep time: 15 minutes Assembly: 5 minutes INGREDIENTSRead more about Watermelon and Feta Salad[...] Read More

Easy steps to help you Go Green

Easy steps to help you Go Green Going green is not only about recycling but about reducing your carbon footprint. HEALTH suggests some simple, yet effective ways to go green. Why It Matters According to Nils El Accad, Chairman of Organic Foods and Café, it is important to be ecofriendly, especially in the home. “We need to reduce most of what we buy that is just a waste and tryRead more about Easy steps to help you Go Green[...] Read More

Shirley Conlon – Blogger in the Spotlight

Shirley Conlon – Blogger in the Spotlight Dubai’s best kept secret is Shirley Conlon Organics, developed by Shirley Conlon whose aim is to develop pure organic products with the very best ingredients sourced from nature. She launched her brand after trying to source holistic products in Dubai and armed with a background in beauty therapy and cosmetic science, eventually set out to make her own pure andRead more about Shirley Conlon – Blogger in the Spotlight[...] Read More

Men’s Fashion – Trend’s Forecast

Men’s Fashion – Trend’s Forecast Summer is just about here and with that are some strong seasonal shifts in men’s fashion trends. Personal Stylist and Fashion Designer Ushi Sato highlights more. Key Trends Colors: Orange, green, and blue—these colors are bright, fresh, and especially warm to the eyes. These particular colors have been seen recently by most of the designers, particularly in Milan and Paris- fromRead more about Men’s Fashion – Trend’s Forecast[...] Read More

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Understanding Bipolar Disorder Celebrities from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Lady Gaga have publicly admitted to suffering from bipolar disorder which is today’s latest mental health buzzword. As bipolar disorder often worsens if not treated, HEALTH takes a closer look at the symptoms and how to get help. The Signs Bipolar affective disorder is when there are periods where your mood is inRead more about Understanding Bipolar Disorder[...] Read More