How Giving Can Boost Your Wellbeing

How Giving Can Boost Your Wellbeing In the spirit of Ramadan, charity and random acts of kindness are strongly encouraged. Yet another aspect of giving is that it can actually be beneficial for our wellbeing. HEALTH takes a closer look. From donating clothes to providing Iftar boxes to laborers, helping others without thinking about yourself or anything you would gain from it are known as acts of altruism, explains Professional DevelopmentRead more about How Giving Can Boost Your Wellbeing[...] Read More

No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan

No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan Tanning From sun bathing to spray on tans, according to anti-aging expert Mona Syed Mirza, studies have shown a strong correlation between sun tanning and skin cancer. “The sun’s ultraviolet rays are the most threatening component of a natural suntan as basically two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB, negatively affect the skin by deeply penetrating our skin and potentially damage gene composition,” says Syed- Mirza. “UVA rays are the predominantRead more about No Such Thing as a Healthy Tan[...] Read More

In Desperate Need of Sleep

Sleep New moms are easy to spot with blood shot eyes and constant yawning. Yet sleep deprivation can cause problems for a new mother as she copes with her new baby. As HEALTH investigates. ASSOCIATED PROBLEMS Adjusting to the new role of ‘mom’ is hard enough, but what happens when it is coupled with the stress of sleep deprivation?Read more about In Desperate Need of Sleep[...] Read More

An Insight into a Genetic Counseling Consultation

Background A 30-year-old woman of Indian descent presented with a family history of various cancers including breast, thyroid, and stomach. Her mother was found to be affected with thyroid cancer, and soon after with breast cancer, both of which have been treated (by medication and surgery respectively) and she is now in remission. The consultant has aRead more about An Insight into a Genetic Counseling Consultation[...] Read More

Always Unwell? You May be a Hypochondriac

Always Unwell? You May be a Hypochondriac We all get a persistent cough occasionally, but for a hypochondriac, that cough could be a sign of lung cancer. HEALTH further investigates this baffling condition: What It Means According to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Saliha Afridi, in hypochondria, patients believe that they are very sick and have a serious and perhaps life threatening disease. “Their concern interferes with their ability toRead more about Always Unwell? You May be a Hypochondriac[...] Read More

Plastic Surgery Lures Patients from Overseas

Plastic Surgery Lures Patients from Overseas With Dubai fast on its way to becoming a globally renowned hub of medical tourism, should it surprise us then that plastic surgery is one of the most popular realms of medical tourism? To learn more, HEALTH speaks to Consultant Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan. Reasons “The primary reason patients from overseas seek plastic surgery abroad is theRead more about Plastic Surgery Lures Patients from Overseas[...] Read More

Get your best Sleep

Get your best Sleep HEALTH learns the top 10 tips to getting a great night’s sleep. Have and stick to a regular bedtime and wake up schedule – Try to go to bed and get up about the same time each night and morning – even on weekends. This will help your body to work out a healthy sleep routine. Make sure theRead more about Get your best Sleep[...] Read More

Medical Miracles….Surgery of Super Giant Leiomyoma of The Uterus

Quite often, doctors are expected by patients to perform miracles. One such doctor is Gynecologist and Gynecological Endoscopic Surgeon Dr. Prashanth Hegde who recently performed a rare surgery and revealed to HEALTH what it entailed. Q) In medicine, what is considered a rare case? Dr. Hegde: A rare case, even though difficult to define, isRead more about Medical Miracles….Surgery of Super Giant Leiomyoma of The Uterus[...] Read More

Should We Be Working Out in Ramadan?

Should We Be Working Out in Ramadan? Usually for even the most die-hard gym lovers, Ramadan can shift and change normal workout routines. HEALTH speaks to Fitness Manager Subodh Balakrishnan at the Body & Soul Health Club in Ajman to find out how we can still stay fit and healthy throughout Ramadan. Exercise is Key Exercise is a cornerstone of a healthyRead more about Should We Be Working Out in Ramadan?[...] Read More

An Overview of Stroke

An Overview of Stroke A stroke can happen without forewarning and can leave a person impaired. However, HEALTH learns that certain screenings can help predict the possibility of stroke. Defined According to Dr. Sameh Al Sheikh, CEO and Founder of Al Borg Medical Laboratories, strokes are becoming more common now and at an even younger age. “A stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain isRead more about An Overview of Stroke[...] Read More