How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders

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Dandruff is a skin condition that affects the scalp, leaving unsightly white flakes in your hair or visible on dark clothing that you are wearing. It mostly affects men, but women and teenagers hitting puberty are also affected.
‘How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders’ is a book that includes lots of valuable information on dandruff and other skin disorders that can affect your scalp. You will find out what causes dandruff, how to treat it with home remedies, nutritional therapy, herbs and supplements that can help. Learn about how to treat mild cases, and also severe cases and read up on the effectiveness of over-the-counter dandruff solutions.

Overall, if you, or anyone you know, suffers from dandruff and feels embarrassed by it, this book can pass on valuable information on the subject and how to treat it.

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