Vegan Nutrition in Childhood


If you are a vegan, then it makes sense to want to raise your child that way as well. For a child’s nutritional standards, know what to consider in a vegan diet so they stay healthy.Vegan Nutrition in ChildhoodVeganism is different from vegetarianism. Vegetarians don’t eat meat, but they may eat fish, dairy and/or eggs. It all depends on your category.

Vegans are opposed to eating any animal products – period. You’d be surprised how many foods out there contain some form of animal matter. Even regular gelatine can contain substances like beef broth. All meats, fish, milk, dairy, eggs and cheese are off the list of allowable foods. Many vegans only consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and legumes.

It can be a challenge to eat in this manner but for children of parents who have done it, there is usually little issue. What can be most challenging is making sure that all of the required nutrients for a child are met with the vegan lifestyle.

Many foods don’t take much tweaking to make them vegan friendly. For instance, babies usually drink breast milk or formula. You can buy formula that has no milk solids in it. Experts say that breastfeeding is better for kids because they pick up extra immunity from mom.

When it comes to introducing solid foods, rice cereal is often used. It doesn’t contain meat or dairy so it is just the same as what any child would eat.

When your child is ready to move on to solid foods, choose mashed fruits and veggies. Mashing your own can avoid the extra sugars added to store-bought varieties. Usually the most important nutrient that causes concern is protein. Without meat, it can be hard to get enough protein each day for proper body function.

Vegan Nutrition in ChildhoodIntroduce nuts, legumes and soy. Soy is a plant protein. It has less fat than animal protein. Beans are also a low-fat protein alternative. Tofu is a soy material that can be used as a meat substitute to make dishes.

Know what your child needs to eat every day. This includes examining the food pyramid for kids to be sure you are keeping their diet healthy.

Vitamins and minerals are also crucial to proper development. To find these in foods, you just need to know where to look.

* Calcium – Eat green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, beans and even soy milk.

* Vitamin D – This vitamin helps synthesize calcium in the body. It is normally found in dairy but you can get it from fortified soy milk and also from time spent out in the sun.

* Vitamin B12 –The B vitamins are great for boosting metabolism.

With a vegan diet, your child will enjoy the tastes of whole foods like grains, vegetables and fruits. They get all of the nutrition with very little fat as long as you plan well.

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