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Question: I am a 45-year old male and I smoke a pack of cigarettes daily. Lately after I eat, my stomach burns and I feel nauseated. Is there a link between smoking and this problem?
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Nabil Elshobary, specialist of internal medicine responds, “Yes, there is strong link between smoking and Reflux Esophagitis as nicotine decreases the lower esophageal pressure, facilitating the gastric acid to reflux to the esophagus, which is not prepared for this acid secretion.”


Question: My 17 year old girl was diagnosed with having one ovarian cyst of about 4 centimeters. Is this dangerous and what is the treatment for this?
Dr.Preeti Tandon, specialist gynecologist responds, “Most ovarian cysts in this age are managed conservatively, with only a few exceptions requiring surgery. The degree of concern depends on the nature of the cyst, which can be ascertained through pelvic ultrasound. A 4 centimers cyst if functional in nature and the young girl is not having any symptoms can be observed and it will most likely disappear slowly.”


Question: My 16-year-old daughter has been suffering from acne for the past two years. How safe is Accutane for her?
Dr. Hanieh Erdmann, specialist dermatologist responds, “Accutane (medical term Isotretinoin), used for acne, is derived from vitamin A and is definitely not suitable for everyone. Even if people have had acne for many years, it doesn’t mean that they need to be on Accutane. Sometimes it means they haven’t found what works for them yet, the diet, skin care and so on. As acne has different stages, if the acne is moderate to severe and the patient does not respond to conservative, topical treatment and is experiencing scarring because of acne, Accutane could be a good solution. But the patient needs to be monitored by a dermatologist, with monthly blood tests and should avoid sun exposure as much as possible. The treatment goes on up to 6 months and in some cases, even eight months to get the best results. As your daughter is a 16-year-old girl, it should be fine. But it is crucial that women of child bearing age are NOT pregnant and do NOT get pregnant while taking the medicine.”

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