15 Simple Ways to Stay Grateful

Gratitude, according to Cambridge Dictionary,is the quality of being thankful. Many studies have been done, particularly in Positive Psychology, and the consensus is that being grateful has many virtues and little, if any, drawbacks. Increased happiness, better work and personal relationships are just a few to mention. Thankfulness unwaveringly improves ones mental, emotional,and spiritual well being.

Below are 15 tips to help you stay grateful so you too can reap its many benefits.

2. Look behind you in gratitude. Look ahead of you in hope. Look beside you in caution. Look around you in faith.

3. When life is sweet, be thankful, and rejoice; but when bitter, be strong, and persevere.

4. Wisdom makes things possible. Gratitude makes things bearable. Hope makes things manageable. Joy makes things pleasurable. Love makes things wonderful.

5. If you have food on your table, clothes on your back, a roof on your head, and a dream in your heart, you have everything you need in life.

6. If you don’t take inventory of your blessings, ingratitude will try to steal them from you.

7. Whether your cup is half-full or half-empty, remind yourself there are others without one.

8. Count your smiles, not your frowns.

9. Be happy when you work, thankful when you earn, cautious when you spend, shrewd when you save, and charitable when you give.

10. When you count your blessings, count life twice.

11. Live positively. Live gratefully. Live blissfully. Live lovingly.

12. Letting go of sorrow gives you enough strength to carry happiness. Letting go of anger gives you enough strength to carry kindness. Letting go of fear gives you enough strength to carry hopefulness. Letting go of resentment gives you enough strength to carry gratefulness. Letting go of disappointment gives you enough strength to carry joyfulness. Letting go of avarice gives you enough strength to carry contentedness.

13. If you want to know how fortunate you are, visit three places: the slum, the hospital, and the cemetery.

14. You learn the value of water when the rivers are dry. You learn the value of light when the winters are prolonged. You learn the value of food when the fields are bare.

15. Thank the past for all the lessons it taught you; anticipate the future for all the blessings it has in store for you.

Written by: Matshona Dhliwayo