3 Ways to Invite Gratitude into Your Life Today

More than a buzzword, gratitude is a powerful tool that not only invites more blessings into your life, but is the way we can affirm and acknowledge we are grateful for every big and small blessing we have. Here are some quick and easy ways to involute gratitude into your life today.

  • Buy a journal and start by writing down your blessings in your journal. Not only big things, but even the fact you are alive, awake, and are able to use your mind and body properly.
  • Use the same journal to write gratitude thoughts every single day—for example, I am grateful for my friend whom I had coffee with this afternoon.
  • Recite daily gratitude affirmations. Keep these posted above your work station, on your fridge door and even in your car. Recite daily and watch your blessings multiply.