A Farzified Iftar Experience at Farzi Café

An already well-known culinary brand in Dubai, Farzi Café merges the best of Indian classics with modern presentation and global culinary techniques amidst a quirky, contemporary ambiance in the middle of City Walk, Dubai.

Farzi Café has a brand new iftar menu that is not only delicious, but presented in the innovative way that Farzi is known for. Upon opening our fast, we were served two different types of dates on a gourmet platter accompanied by a Matcha cooler which hit just the right spot. It was a heady concoction of dates, milk, condensed milk and honey with a topping of green apple and Matcha foam. It was light, yet filling enough to satiate our thirst.

Before the salads and small plates course, we tucked into the tiny amuse bouche mango shots.  We tucked into a khandvi and greens salad with caramelized figs—a refreshing take on a classic Gujrati snack, served with a twist with figs, garlic chips, and khandvi spheres, garnished with caramelized sesame seeds. It was just the right balance of sweet, salty, and crunchy.

The halloumi samosas were plated vertically, with hot halloumi pastry served with green apple and mint chutney. My favorite form these highlights’ however was the tandoori goat shoulder served with a large jeera khaari—a delicious slow-cooked goat shoulder skewer with a stock curry poured on top by our server. The khaari pastry was delicious when flaked into the gravy and gave off a buttery rich flavor. There is also Farzi’s take on an innovated Indian chicken salad using tawa malai chicken boti marinated with cheese and then served alongside cucumber salad with peanuts.

After all of the iftar treats, it was time for the mains and here there are two dishes that complement each other quite well. One is the butter chicken with freshly baked breads and the other was an unusual Bok Choy biryani served with a yogurt and onion raita accompaniment. Both were flavorful, very satisfying, and packed a punch.

The kind of sweet treats served for their iftar menu really hit the right spot—one is the date and saffron cake, pistachio tuille which was a steamed dense and sweet cake served with a topping of dates puree and served with pistachio and vanilla ice cream.  The other dessert was a molecular gastronomy styled activated charcoal kulfi topped with sweet vermicelli and garnished with nuts that contain a flavor of charcoal. It was the medley of juxtaposed textures, flavors, and temperatures that took this to the next level for us.

The Verdict: Farzi Café serves up a very well thought out iftar menu with just the right balance of food. Each of the dishes provides a multisensory culinary experience that was a happy ending after a day of fasting. The service was also more than efficient, especially during Ramadan where time is of the essence.

Visit: www.farzicafe.ae

Dubai City Walk 2, Al Safa