A New Age Meditation

Being referred to as moving meditation to help infuse Zen into your life, Sophrology is often applied to help cope with issues including anxiety, burnout, or even to unleash your full potential and be more focused. Here’s how it works.

A dynamic way to enable the consciousness to positively deal with the challenges of modern life, Sophrology can be easily worked into your daily routine. During a simple 10-minute practice, the process includes breathing, movement, and visualization to help switch on the power of consciousness.

It starts by learning to switch into a state where the body is relaxed and the mind is alert; then the brain goes into the alpha brain wave state—known for its relaxing and restorative qualities. The mind-body connection is positively influenced by the process of using breathing, simple movements, visualization, and meditation moments.

An Easy Exercise to Try

When you feel tension, stand up, close your eyes, and focus on the awareness of your body.

With the arms straight along your body, tighten your fists. Inhale and hold this breath, simultaneously, move your shoulders up and down until you need to exhale.

As you exhale, relax your arms and entire body, and using the power of imagination, imagine all your tensions have been released through this breath.

Repeat this three times and then sit to pause until you are ready to open your eyes again.

(Credit: Dominique Antiglio, Sophrologist/Founder of BeSophro and Author of the Life-Changing Power)