About Health Magazine Blog

HEALTH blog is a platform that allows fast-growing companies to connect with today’s socially charged and health-minded consumers and creates compelling content in popular niches such as health, wellness, food, fashion, lifestyle, family, and leisure.

Keeping in mind the increasing need for brands to build a digital identity with rich, relevant, and engaging content, the HEALTH-magazine led blog will develop creative content that enables brands speak to consumers authentically. The blog specializes in providing the resources and content that simplifies consumers lives. Exploring seamless ways to integrate a product message into their busy lifestyles – whether it’s tackling the beauty challenges that accompany allergies or choosing the best products for your hair – the HEALTH blog will help strengthen brand loyalty and keep the products at the top of the list where consumers need them the most.

About Blog Editor

editorHealth Magazine blog edited by Saadiya Ahmad
I am the editor of HEALTH magazine, both online and print. The magazine has been a forerunner in the region, spanning over 17 years and has evolved into one of the most widely read and engaging publications today. Covering topics that appeal to discerning readers of all ages, I do my best to curate a balance of relevant topics across a broad range of categories that include health, beauty, wellness, food, fitness, and family.

With more of us taking stock of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the HEALTH magazine blog takes this concept to the next level, providing a snapshot of local and regional lifestyle trends and hotspots as well as key global trends.

As a multitasking mother of 3 girls, it is my hope to inspire, energize, and motivate everyone out there to aspire towards excellence.  I am always open to new and innovative ideas in all realms of wellness, food, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Please drop me an email on: editor@healthmagazine.ae.