Achieving Body Goals

Toning your body, getting fit, and embarking upon a healthy lifestyle is not as challenging as you might imagine it would be. In reality, it only takes two minutes daily to wind up an exercise routine that will enable you to reach your body goals.

According to Dubai-based fitness enthusiast Max Fardan, a little progress each day goes a long way and the main key is to trick your mind. Whether you are a novice or a professional trainer, these basic home workouts can be a great way to kick-start or maintain your fitness journey:

Warm Up

Warming up helps you prepare physically and mentally while improving blood flow and muscle flexibility to avoid any serious injury


Slow Jump –Lift each leg alternately while slow jumping

Stretch –Put one arm up and lean on the opposite side while extending your reach. Repeat on both sides

Cool Down –Breathe in, breathe out

Chest and Shoulder

Use dumbbells to not only get Insta-worthy shoulders, but to help build muscles while strengthening and increasing the size of shoulders and chest


Dumbbell Lateral Raise –Holding one dumbbell on each hand, slowly raise your arm to your sides until they’re level with your shoulders then slowly lower it

Regular push up –Start by doing at least 5-10 reps or to failure

Obsessing over Abs

Constantly thinking on how to achieve a flat stomach with six-pack abs as well as boost posture? Try the following.


Leg Raise –Lie on your back and raise your legs until it is perpendicular to the floor then slowly lower your legs while maintaining control.

Toe-touch –Lie on your back and lift your legs up while reaching your hands towards your toes.

And finally—Relaxation

Rest is just as paramount as working out on a regular basis. You need to give your body some time to recover from a week’s worth of physical activities.

(Written by: Max Fardan, a Dubai based fitness enthusiast who was inspired to provide tips about fitness after he successfully battling several health complications.)