All In, One Goal: The Positive Side Of Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness programs currently receive a lot of attention, but they’re nothing new. Started in the 1970s, they’ve grown to 9 out of 10 companies offer some type of wellness benefit, with an average annual corporate wellness spending of $742 per employee. Corporate wellness incentives and benefits is an $8 billion annual industry, and offerings range from smoking cessation assistance and fitness devices to on-campus gyms and wellness centers.

1. Better Health Means Lower Medical Costs

The investment in corporate wellness nets a significant return in happy, well-rested employees who look forward to working and perform better on the job, but it also saves money: for every dollar invested in wellness benefits, there’s a return of up to six dollars in savings on medical expenditures, lost wages and absenteeism due to illness.

2. Greater Team Morale

Corporate wellness is a rallying point for an organization. A running club, softball team or step challenge presents an opportunity for individuals to work together on and off the clock, initiate challenges and celebrate goals while improving their fitness.

3. Everyone’s Engaged

The overall plan does not focus on one person or their habits. The health assessments and professional assistance are confidential, employees’ participation choices respected and new wellness ideas encouraged and embraced as fitness, or nutrition, or quitting smoking or some aspect of the benefits program speaks to all employees and they’ve got experience in that field.

4. Creates An Organizational Culture Of Healthy Living

Your company’s brand now includes a level of social responsibility your staff shows to themselves and each other. This results in greater corporate visibility and possibly greater corporate market value.

5. Care and Convenience In One Place

On-site corporate wellness programs provide the best of personal self-care and time management: Join a company sports team, do a gym workout, meet with a nutrition counselor or take a stress management session at a time that’s suitable for both employee and company, without the excuse of “I don’t have time for this wellness stuff!!!”

6. Reduced Stress Levels

A majority of workers in a low-paying job, dangerous jobs, those who work and care for sick or disabled family members and those working in heavy customer-contact jobs, including the medical and restaurant industries, report very high stress levels as a major factor in illness and lost work days. A wellness program can greatly lower stress levels and, hence, increase productivity.

7. Employee Retention Benefits

A comprehensive corporate wellness package provides a hiring advantage: prospective new hires deciding between multiple offers view your wellness program as an additional incentive while current employees see a wellness program as a reason to remain with the company.

Corporate wellness implementation benefits staff, managers, owners, clients and family members.

Written by: Zara Martirosyan, CEO & Founder of inKin Social Fitness Platform

inKin is a digital platform that allows users to start taking care of their most crucial asset – their health through tracking their fitness and health parameters and getting more active on a daily basis through online challenges and competitions. It’s also a tool for launching corporate wellness programs.