An Afternoon of Fun and Feasting at Ajman Hotel

A hugely popular Friday brunch, located at The Ajman Hotel and hosted by Sabella’s Italian restaurant, there is undoubtedly something for everyone here and is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon on the beachside.

There is an outdoor live barbeque station with a variety of seafood, meats, and poultry presented and ready to be cooked to your liking; I had jumbo prawns and sea bass drizzled with butter and lemon—grilled to perfection. Add ons included gravies, sauces, and baked potatoes which always complete a well-made barbeque dish. The kids enjoyed the freshly prepared Saj bread which was turned into fresh shawarmas made exactly how they liked. And there was an endless supply of freshly made virgin mojitos making the rounds as we dined on the terrace, enjoying the live entertainment.

Inside were the salads, cold seafood, mezze, and soups section. I indulged in the roasted tomato soup, fresh crab, and cheese from the fresh cheese wheel. The kids’ tucked into fattoush, macaroni salad, and focaccia with tomato pesto.

The Indian food was also really yummy with the paneer do pyaza and the prawn palao as my top picks. There was also fragrant basmati rice, homestyle rajma curry, biryani, and freshly baked naan bread.

The best part is Chef Dario from Sabella’s is on hand to churn out some amazing bespoke pasta dishes, right in front of your eyes. The pasta dough is put through the cutter and the tri-color fettucine I ordered was boiled al dente and then mixed into a delicious pink sauce created with the fresh tomato sauce and creamy béchamel sauces mixed together. I had mine with chicken, mushrooms, fresh garlic, and a smattering of chili, with the final garnishing of fresh basil and liberal amounts of parmesan cheese.

Last, but not least, we hit up the desserts section which had a large variety of freshly baked red velvet cake, a scrumptious cheesecake, baklava, tiramisu, black forest cake, white chocolate mousse with chocolate cream de pot, a delectable Cassis white chocolate cake, and so many more. There was also plenty of fresh fruit on offer as well as a live cooking station for caramelized fruit sautéed fresh served with ice-cream and toppings of your choice.

The Verdict: A very fun and relaxed brunch that can please even the most discerning gourmands, Sabella’s Friday brunch is a must visit for a really enjoyable afternoon of feasting, fun, and friendly hospitality.