An Unforgettable Iftar at Ajman Hotel

As it is, Ajman Hotel really is one of my favorite places to unwind,  Ajman Hotel really knows how to celebrate Ramadan with their beautifully decorated iftar and suhour tent which sits right on the ocean front so you can see the beach with the fairy lights on the trees outside. And because this tent space is so huge, despite there being a crowd, there was still ample space to freely move around.

The tent is quite large and has many stations; an ample mezze station with lots of the salads—from tabbouleh and hummus to baba ganoush and a seafood salad. There are Western salads, Eastern salads, lots of dressings, and for me, the best part of this cold section was the sushi. It was real treat to enjoy some fresh sushi after indulging in a bowl of harira soup and kibbeh/sambusek. There are lots of mixed grill items like chicken kebobs, meat kebobs, and mince kebobs as well as various kinds of rice—chicken biryani and vermicelli rice. And also, the steaming hot harees without which any iftar would be complete. And of course, there was the magnificent platter of ouzi which hits just the right spot after a day of fasting.

There was a live shawarma station and a live pasta station from the hotel’s signature Italian restaurant Sabella. Here I had my tagliatelle served with pink sauce, lots of mushrooms, chicken, and parmesan cheese. Mains were Arabic, Indian, and Western dishes—some mains included tajine stews from Morocco like the beef tajine with couscous, the fish tagine, and chicken tajine.  There are breads and cheeses also and a self-serve beverage section with assorted traditional Ramadan jalab, kamaridine, and Vimto as well as assorted fresh juices on offer.

And as we grazed and enjoyed the delicious offerings, we were served traditional Arabic qahwa. And what can I say about the desserts—this was perhaps the biggest desserts sections I have seen in a long time. The Arabic desserts included the most delicious kunafa, Halawat el Jibn, Qatayef, Maamoul, as well as rice pudding and Um Ali.

And of the huge assortment of Western desserts on display, some of the highlights for us included the pumpkin pie cream, tiramisu, guava cheesecake, and the blueberry mousse cake. I loved the carrot cake which was super moist as well as there are homemade ice creams on offer—our favorites were the saffron and the date topped with heavenly caramel sauce. There were also fresh fruits on display for a healthier, lighter option.

The Verdict: A smorgasbord of delicious food on the beach in a Arabian style tent makes this iftar one of the best we have visited. The service is outstanding and the variety of food, salads, desserts, and beverages makes this a must visit this Ramadan for you and your family.

Visit: Ajman Hotel; Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Ajman

+ 971 6 714 5582