Are You Suffering from Heel and Back Pain in Ramadan? Here’s Help…

In Ramadan, there are a multitude of shifts and changes, in our diet, our lifestyle, and our sleep patterns. Sometimes it can lead to lower back pain and even heel pain. Here are some tips to help.

  • Be sure to consume ample amounts of water in suhoor and iftar to keep the system regulated.
  • Have a proper routine for the month, plan ahead and remember to keep your phone alerts on to remind you to correct your posture.
  • Prayers should not be performed in haste and every step needs to be aligned to the back.
  • Maintain optimal digestion and regularity by always consuming fresh fruits and fiber, both in suhour and iftar.

Exercises to Help

For heel pain upon waking up in the morning, try to stretch the lower side of the foot. Hold the big toe and try to pull it up to stretch the Fascia, as you stretch the foot, the plantar side of the foot. Start to massage the plantar side of the foot towards the toe.

Certain stretches done consistently throughout the day can also help; for example, going into a kneeling position and then extending the arms to the front so that they increase the arch and the curve in the lower back. This position should be maintained for at least one minute and continued five times, three times a day.

Credit: Dr. Adel Roujoula, Specialist Physical Therapist