Aspire to Clean Beauty

Whether it’s clean makeup you are looking for, or ethical skincare, increasingly we are seeing more and more people looking for natural alternatives. Here are some reasons why clean beauty is the hottest trend to follow.


More consumers understand the dangers that certain toxic ingredients such as phthalates and petrolatum can have on their health. Also, skincare and cosmetic formulations are not stringently regulated—so while the EU has banned over 1,300 ingredients over safety concerns, only 11 ingredients have been banned in the US.

Natural and effective

Not only are natural beauty products made with natural and organic ingredients, they are proving to be just as results-driven as their synthetic counterparts. These are also a better choice for sensitive, irritated skin as certain harsh chemicals and preservatives—such as SLS and fragrances can aggravate the skin, causing redness and skin irritation. As such, natural skincare is generally the go-to for those with sensitive skin as they tend to be milder on skin.

Ethical practices

For many founders of natural brands, the desire to start their brand is coupled with the need to run an ethical business. And this is a growing priority for the conscious consumer. As a result, cruelty-free, vegan, and environmentally conscious brands are being sought-after.

Year of the Vegan in the UAE

Taking it even further, here in the UAE is a brand-new clean beauty e-boutique, Aspire Beauty Co that was launched by beauty veteran, Claire Gittus. This is a friendly virtual shop that keeps your fingers on the pulse of international clean beauty scene with a taste of the hottest new clean beauty brands—

And offers a well-thought out mix of vegan products that are organic, high end and affordable free from nasties. Just some of the brands on offer include Grown Alchemist, PROJECT LIP, The Quick Flick, and Eco Tanto.

The products are made from up cycled and biodegradable materials. All boxes contain five tester or travel-sized products that can be personalized and purchased in different plans, ranging from one to 12 months.

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