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Are You Trying to be Too Healthy?

Are You Trying to be Too Healthy? From avoiding carbs, gluten, wheat, and refined sugars to sticking to a Keto diet or calorie-counting, many of us who do our best to stay healthy by eating right don’t realize that this too can go into extremes

Women Must Make Time for Themselves

Women usually put themselves last on the list of priorities, often resulting in anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Here are just of the reasons women must  make time for themselves for optimal well-being.   Nature versus Nurture According to Lisa Laws at Lisa Laws Coaching, many

Skin Care Trends in the UAE

With a predominantly hot climate fuelled by a heavy reliance on air conditioning, the UAE is unique when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. Here Dr. Hassan Galadari, Professor of Dermatology at the UAE University, Consultant Dermatologist and Head of Scientific Committee,

Cupping Therapy—an Ancient Art of Healing

Cupping therapy, otherwise known as Hijama therapy is an age-long therapy involving the use of special cups to create suctions on the skin and subsequently get rid of toxins from the body. During a cupping procedure, negative pressures are used to loosen muscles, encourage blood

Stop Multi-Tasking and Learn to Unwind

With our over-connectivity these days, even holidays and weekends can quickly fill up with work-related to-do tasks. But here Jyotika Aggarwal, DHA licensed Clinical Psychologist at LifeWorks Holistic Counseling Center provides her tips for switching off and keeping weekends and holidays as a “no-work” zone.

How Your Smart Phone Can Make Your Healthier

Most of us whip our smartphones to check social media or WhatsApp messages; and it’s no secret that lately, the smartphone is getting a lot of flak for being addictive, anti-social, and basically unhealthy. But there is a way to use it to your advantage

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at the New Molten Chocolate Café at Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah

The latest addition to the Sharjah Majaz Waterfront portfolio of eateries is Molten Chocolate Café. This brand new café here is actually a well-known name in Malaysia and here in Sharjah, has launched with a beautiful café with options to sit indoors or outdoors next

Irritation and blurred vision when using contact lenses. Causes and remedies

Is your excitement about finally getting contact lenses going down the drain because of irritated eyes and blurred vision? If that is the case, stay tuned to find about possible causes and remedies. Even if you purchase the best contact lenses Dubai has to offer,

The Health Benefits of Cleaning Your Upholstery (Sofa)

If you want to keep doctors’ away from your family, then you have to keep your upholstered furniture clean at all times. Is it enough to do vacuuming in order to cleanse your home? I am afraid not. As a matter of fact, in your

Roti Rollers Brings the Flavors of South Asia to La Mer in Dubai

Situated in La Mer, Dubai, Roti Rollers is a delightful eatery that brings the flavors of the Subcontinent to Dubai, but with a twist. The eatery has a core focus of serving healthy, yet typically Indian styled street snacks in a really imaginative and innovative