Botox, Protein, Keratin: what everyone should know before hair straightening

The hair industry is coming up with new ‘revolutionary’ hair treatments every year and it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the game with these. How can we find treatments that are actually good for us?

Permanent hair straightening is one of the latest trends. Keratin, Protein, Botox – you name it, -all belong to the same category of hair treatments that are applied on your hair and further sealed with hair iron for permanent hair straightening. The whole process takes around 4 hours depending on the hair length and customers are promised smooth, shiny and perfectly straight hair for up to 12 weeks.

First, make sure to budget a bit of extra for this treatment as the product itself is costly and the process is long, so your hairdresser might have to spend half of the day with you. Remember that it’s a very delicate process that involves working with your hair at a high temperature and you’re paying for the premium product and expertise of the hairdresser, so don’t grab those ‘too-good-to-be-true’ hair straightening deals.

Second, whatever you do, please AVOID FORMALDEHYDE. It does straighten your hair but does so at a price. Formaldehyde is one of the worst hair treatment ingredients that releases toxic fumes and that is linked to cancer. Breathing formaldehyde in can be very unpleasant and some people develop watery eyes, dizziness, headache and can even faint. To put it simple, it does the job but it’s not the substance you would want to inhale or apply on your body in any other way. Formaldehyde-containing hair treatments (like most of the traditional Keratin types) can actually cause a lot of side effects like heavy hair breakage, dandruff and oily scalp. You might not notice these issues from the beginning however they will become more noticeable in the long run. Be extra cautious if your hair has been bleached before too as that means it might be even more prone to damage.

Instead, opt for formaldehyde free hair straightening like RG Hair Botox. Formaldehyde-free treatments don’t make your hair as straight as the ones with formaldehyde, but at the end of the day the choice is yours. If you are the type of person who cares about the environment and also health of your own body and hair, you would probably want to be on a safe side. RG Hair Botox actually works by replenishing depleted hair proteins and repairs the hair instead of chemically treating it. It is safe for pregnant ladies and you don’t have to wait several days after the treatment to wash your hair. Having said this, we also need to note that RG Botox delivers excellent results and it also has a special ‘booster’ that contains a bit more chemical and that can be added to the treatment for very coarse African hair or for those people who crave that super straight hair.

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