Calling all Mexican Foodies…La Tablita Launches an Epic Drunch

It’s not often you get to graze on amazing Mexican food all afternoon while enjoying stunning views of the Dubai skyline while enjoying the rhythm of live Latin music. At La Tablita, located at The Dubai Hyatt Creek Heights, drunch has officially arrived and with it comes plenty of delicious, assorted Mexican treats on offer.

The Drunch is served at the table in courses and Jessica, our helper, explained that we could reorder any course or any specific dish we liked which is a great concept and prevents wastage of food. We were first served corn tortilla corn chips with three kinds of salsas—spicy, chunky, and green chili plus fresh guacamole.

We were informed that this Drunch is based on the Chef’s choice and changes every Friday. So today was based on ceviche and gasados (mains in Spanish.) Next we were served ample servings of ceviche—shrimp and tuna which was delicious and went superbly with the corn tostadas that were served with it. With this, we were also served small glasses of shrimp broth (caldo de camero) which we were told was customary in Mexico. It was a satisfyingly pungent broth that actually went well with the ceviche and tostadas.

As we grazed on these dishes, more food arrived—we were served traditional Mexican rice and beans as well as three different types of Mexican stews—one was a vegetarian option with broccoli and zucchini in rich tomato gravy, the other one was chicken and pineapple, and the last was beef with potatoes. We really enjoyed these with the rice and even with the corn tortillas that were continuously being replenished.

And yet there was more coming; huarache was a huge hit with the kids which was a corn tortilla topped with beans, beef, and cheese and then tacos campechamo which was a carnivorous delight of beef and beef chorizo spread into soft corn tortilla shells. These were a big hit with the kids and were reordered several times. There were also lots of mocktails as well as their special Mexican beverages menu which included El Nino—a cucumber and mint concoction and La Canica—a watermelon and mint beverage and more. Also, Horchata—made with rice water and milk is a must try.

The desserts were hot and crispy churros with dark chocolate dipping sauce which we reordered several times. Then my favorite dessert—Tres Leches cake (three milks cake) which I can never resist.

The Verdict: A super fun day of lazing and grazing with my favorite cuisine of all time, La Tablita’s Drunch is a sure favorite with superb Mexican food and very friendly service.