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Eat Like You’re Family at Mezza Lebanese Kitchen in Dubai

Awarded “Best Shawarma in Dubai” by Lovin’ Dubai ( Mezza Lebanese Kitchen is located in Business Bay at Kitchen Nation, a unique food and beverage platform for budding food preneurs. The CEO and Owner of Mezza Lebanese Kitchen—Laura Nahas, has Lebanese gastronomy in her genes

Cooking Your Way to Nutrition

The problem is not always about the food that we eat, many times it’s also the way we cook it. For instance, potatoes are healthy. However, the moment you fry them in oil, the health quotient goes out the door. So, if we start making

There’s No Such Thing as Bad BBQ…Mighty Quinn’s Gives Meat Lovers a Treat

Mighty Quinn’s leaves no stone unturned when it comes to serving up high quality, lip-smacking meat dishes in industrial chic, but friendly ambiance. The US-founded barbecue chain first launched in New York, and now has several locations in America, as well as in the Philippines

With Love From Russia…Tanuki Offers the Best Sushi in Dubai

When you think of Russia, you seldom think of sushi, but the guys at Tanuki have nailed the formula down for the freshest sushi with that special Tanuki twist at their venue in Dubai Mall. Tanuki has a cool interactive robot to greet customers at

The Right Way to Do a Vegan Diet/lifestyle

The popularity of the vegan diet/lifestyle is huge. What was once associated with a select few, is today a lifestyle adapted and practiced by millions of people, including heavyweights like celebrities, for a variety of health, ethical, and environmental reasons. This shows the global demand

How Food Affects Your Mood

Nutrition is important in mental function and certainly plays a role in how we handle the stressors which hit us on a daily basis. Certain foods may be able to add a little lift or a small moment of calm to your day. A cup

Roti Rollers Brings the Flavors of South Asia to La Mer in Dubai

Situated in La Mer, Dubai, Roti Rollers is a delightful eatery that brings the flavors of the Subcontinent to Dubai,but with a twist. The eatery has a core focus of serving healthy, yet typically Indian styled street snacks in a really imaginative and innovative way.

Home Style Meals at 360 Café Bistro at Century Village in Dubai

Located at Century Village—one of my absolute favorite dining venues in Dubai—360 Café Bistro is a cozy café that serves up some home style food in a European ambiance. Being a chilly day (a treat in Dubai),we opted to sit al fresco on their dining

Food that Hits the Right Spot… Hurricane’s Grill At Dubai Mall

Hurricane’s Grill is a South African inspired Australian eatery brand that is family friendly, serving up humongous portions and lots of delicious comfort food that will satisfy even the most finicky of eaters. The menu is split into starters, a kids section, seafood, sides, sauces,

Good Food and an Energizing Vibe at the Nara Pan Asian Brunch

Launched in July 2018 by established Dubai restaurateur Anand Radia, Nara Pan Asian serves Thai, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine in a trendy setting in Cluster A, Jumeirah Lake Towers. An edgy and contemporary décor with Japanese street art and graffiti on the walls, Nara is