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Italian and French Fine Dining at Le Cirque Dubai

Calling all discerning gourmands, Le Cirque at The Ritz Carlton Hotel, DIFC is a perfect blend of well thought out dishes, a beautiful and playful ambiance, and an iconic international reputation. Inspired by the rich flavors of France and New York, Le Cirque Dubai—located at

Picnic Pantry at The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Dubai Festival City

A picnic paradise awaits you at level 5 of The Crowne Plaza Hotel at Dubai Festival City—Picnic Pantry is that perfect place with a reimagined brunch—with picnic benches and umbrella awnings as well as cozy grass seating complete with bean bags, cushions, and mats, the

Join the Gastronomic Carnival at Signature’s Friday Brunch

Take a gastronomic journey through India’s street carnivals and fun fairs with the recently launched Friday brunch at Sanjeev Kapoor’s Signature restaurant in the Canvas Hotel, Dubai. From the moment you get off the elevator, you enter a carnival-like ambiance with brightly lit trolleys borrowed

The Side Effects of Sugar

Sugar is getting a lot of bad rap these days, and it’s not surprising as sugar not only contributes to weight gain and obesity, but also to diabetes. Read on to learn more. The fact is that the body changes sugar into two to five

An Afternoon of Fun and Feasting at Ajman Hotel

A hugely popular Friday brunch, located at The Ajman Hotel and hosted by Sabella’s Italian restaurant, there is undoubtedly something for everyone here and is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon on the beachside. There is an outdoor live barbeque station with a variety

Take a Gastronomic Journey to Uzbekistan With Eshak Dubai at City Walk

Never having eaten Uzbeki food, when we were invited to Eshak Dubai at City Walk, we had no idea what to expect. With a cutting-edge, “East meets West” kind of ambiance-there are walls covered with stunning Uzbeki carpets and beautiful wall murals from Lebanon. The

Eat Like You’re Family at Mezza Lebanese Kitchen in Dubai

Awarded “Best Shawarma in Dubai” by Lovin’ Dubai ( Mezza Lebanese Kitchen is located in Business Bay at Kitchen Nation, a unique food and beverage platform for budding food preneurs. The CEO and Owner of Mezza Lebanese Kitchen—Laura Nahas, has Lebanese gastronomy in her genes

Cooking Your Way to Nutrition

The problem is not always about the food that we eat, many times it’s also the way we cook it. For instance, potatoes are healthy. However, the moment you fry them in oil, the health quotient goes out the door. So, if we start making

There’s No Such Thing as Bad BBQ…Mighty Quinn’s Gives Meat Lovers a Treat

Mighty Quinn’s leaves no stone unturned when it comes to serving up high quality, lip-smacking meat dishes in industrial chic, but friendly ambiance. The US-founded barbecue chain first launched in New York, and now has several locations in America, as well as in the Philippines

With Love From Russia…Tanuki Offers the Best Sushi in Dubai

When you think of Russia, you seldom think of sushi, but the guys at Tanuki have nailed the formula down for the freshest sushi with that special Tanuki twist at their venue in Dubai Mall. Tanuki has a cool interactive robot to greet customers at