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Let Face Yoga Give You a Glow

Move over fillers and Botox—there’s a new treatment in town—GlowinFace—an unparalleled facial yoga treatment founded by Karin Velikonja. Available at Health and wellness facility, The Beauty Oasis Spa, this ones and sculpts facial muscles, thereby preventing them from sagging and losing volume. The best part

Skincare Always Matters… Even at 35,000 Feet

Who knows the importance of skincare at 35,000 feet better than Dubai-based Fashion & Lifestyle Influencer Lady Baltazar? And though all that jet-setting is exciting and fun, along with the air miles, your skin is getting more and more dehydrated and tired. Read on for

Getting the Look You Want with Volume Salon

Open for two years, Volume Salon in Dubai is a full service salon that not only takes care of your hair needs, but offers lash extensions, makeup, and expert nail care, alongside all other full beauty services. A little back story: I am constantly changing

Skin Care Trends in the UAE

With a predominantly hot climate fuelled by a heavy reliance on air conditioning, the UAE is unique when it comes to taking optimal care of our skin. Here Dr. Hassan Galadari, Professor of Dermatology at the UAE University, Consultant Dermatologist and Head of Scientific Committee,

What Are You Doing About Adult Acne?

For teens, acne is sort of a rite of passage but for women—especially those who start breaking out for the first time as adults—they can get quite upset by it. Whether you are prone to the occasional pimple or are experiencing a more serious skin

Botox, Protein, Keratin: what everyone should know before hair straightening

The hair industry is coming up with new ‘revolutionary’ hair treatments every year and it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the game with these. How can we find treatments that are actually good for us? Permanent hair straightening is one of the latest

Tips for a Radiant Skin During Summer

Summer season invariably implies outdoor activities, delicious fruits, umbrellas and cotton clothes. But the season comes with a whole host of skin care issues too. Skin breakouts, pimples, rashes, roughness, etc. However, there are a few simple steps in your everyday skin care regimen can

Get Ready for These Key Beauty Trends for Spring 2019

Get ready to slay your beauty look with power plaits, two-tone nails, and lots of glitter. Here’s a lowdown on the must-have beauty looks for Spring/Summer 2019. Faux Freckles Put away the concealer ladies as this season will see a fresh face of painted on

Embrace the No-makeup Look Perfectly

As the weather is just about to get warmer very soon, ditch your foundation and heavy concealers for a more natural, no-makeup look that not only looks beautiful, but is so much better for your skin. Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are many individual’sbase products

Give Your Skin a Break

Most of us load up on serums, creams, SPF, and the like every morning and evening. Yet sometimes, and as scary as it sounds, it’s good to shake things up a bit and just leave the skin alone. Koko Hayashi, Founder & CEO at Mirai