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Empowerment Begins with Self-Acceptance

With the UAE government recently announcing 2019 as “The Year of Tolerance”, a first step towards this is self-acceptance. Yet with social media platforms bombarding us with images of the perfect home, the ideal family, and that amazing life, often times, these messages create unreasonably

Use Foods to Heal and Boost Energy Levels

Certain foods have an innate ability to heal the body and boost energy levels; Well-Being Educator Priya Arjun explains more. Remove processed foods and particularly those with added sugar. Some of these include store-bought tomato ketchup, flavored yoghurts, and artificial sweeteners.     Include alkalizing foods

Are You Suffering from Heel and Back Pain in Ramadan? Here’s Help…

In Ramadan, there are a multitude of shifts and changes, in our diet, our lifestyle, and our sleep patterns. Sometimes it can lead to lower back pain and even heel pain. Here are some tips to help. Be sure to consume ample amounts of water

How Doing Good Can Do You Good

Whether it’s an act of service or giving a meal to a needy person, did you know that doing good can actually do you good in so many ways? To clarify, Dr. Najem Al-Falahe, Consultant Psychiatrist and Neurophysiologist—based in London’s Harley Street Medical district, tells

Stop Making These Ramadan Mishaps

We all start Ramadan with high spirits and gusto, fasting and doing whatever we can spiritually. However, there are some common mishaps many of us repeatedly fall into. Here’s a few of these mishaps and how to change your habits for a more positive, and

Transform into a More Positive Person with these Tips

We all know that being positive is not only good for our mental and emotional well-being, but can give our general health a boost also. Here Nikhil Kapur, the co-founder of Atmantan, a luxury wellness resort based near Pune in India, explains how thinking positively

Top 15 Powerful Life Lessons

With Ramadan just around the corner, making real changes to our mindset is a good way to change bad habits and ultimately live a more fulfilled, satisfying life. Here Author/Philosopher Matshona Dhliwayo lists some powerful life lessons to learn from. You are a product of

Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

With smart phones and laptops taking up a large part of our time coupled with diabetes type 2 and other lifestyle diseases on the rise, the new health slogan has become ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ Here Dr. Pamela Leader, Doctor of Chiropractic reveals more.

Debunking Weight Lifting Myths

A lot of women are keen to tone up and use the gym to shape and trim unwanted bulges and flab. But some of us still believe the old myths about weight lifting that keep us from actively trying weights to get the physique we

World Autism Day: Viewing the World Differently

With April 2 being recognized internationally as World Autism Day, it’s time to truly understand and recognize what autism is and work towards increased inclusion across all levels of society. What it is Autism is a serious, lifelong developmental disorder described by substantial impairments in