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Is Sitting Really the New Smoking?

With smart phones and laptops taking up a large part of our time coupled with diabetes type 2 and other lifestyle diseases on the rise, the new health slogan has become ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ Here Dr. Pamela Leader, Doctor of Chiropractic reveals more.

Debunking Weight Lifting Myths

A lot of women are keen to tone up and use the gym to shape and trim unwanted bulges and flab. But some of us still believe the old myths about weight lifting that keep us from actively trying weights to get the physique we

World Autism Day: Viewing the World Differently

With April 2 being recognized internationally as World Autism Day, it’s time to truly understand and recognize what autism is and work towards increased inclusion across all levels of society. What it is Autism is a serious, lifelong developmental disorder described by substantial impairments in

The New IVF Treatment and its Benefits

Advancements in reproductive medicine have made it possible for people who were unable to have children because of some underlying issues to finally to have them. The new IVF treatment allows the female reproductive cells to be fertilized inside the womb rather than in the

Cupping Therapy—an Ancient Art of Healing

Cupping therapy, otherwise known as Hijama therapy is an age-long therapy involving the use of special cups to create suctions on the skin and subsequently get rid of toxins from the body. During a cupping procedure, negative pressures are used to loosen muscles, encourage blood

Keeping Pets Helps Boost Well-Being

It’s no secret that keeping a pet, whether that be a dog or a cat, not only increases our feelings of happiness, but can help encourage us to exercise and stay healthier. Pets spend their entire lives loyally at their owners’ sides, keeping them active

Kids Refusing to Go to School

All parents have experienced this at one time or another—where a child just refuses to go to school without really explaining the reasons. Here, Dr. Nakita O’Leary, Clinical Psychologist offers solutions. Protect some time to talk: Children often express their reluctance go to school in

Top 15 Powerful Tips to Help You Boost Your Strength (by Matshona Dhliwayo)

1. When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and use it to hang your troubles. 2. It takes greater strength to face your challenges than to flee from them. 3. Use fear to become braver, pain to become stronger, trials to

Achieving Body Goals

Toning your body, getting fit, and embarking upon a healthy lifestyle is not as challenging as you might imagine it would be. In reality, it only takes two minutes daily to wind up an exercise routine that will enable you to reach your body goals.

How Your Smart Phone Can Make Your Healthier

Most of us whip our smartphones to check social media or WhatsApp messages; and it’s no secret that lately, the smartphone is getting a lot of flak for being addictive, anti-social, and basically unhealthy. But there is a way to use it to your advantage