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Street Food, Bites, and Much More at Rajdhani Street

Located in JLT, Rajdhani Street is a family style, modern Indian street food bistro that offers al fresco dining. With graphic prints on the walls and a semi open kitchen, the menu offers is a fun amalgamation of Indian street food with a twist. It’s

Clinton Street Baking Company at Citywalk, Dubai

What started out as a place for superb baked goods in New York transformed quickly as word spread that chef-husband Neil Kleinberg and his wife DeDe Lahman were churning out wholesome, yet delicious meals. Clinton Street Baking Company in Dubai invited us to experience their

Is Virtual Super Connectivity Destroying Communication?

While WhatsApp messaging, texting, and the ubiquitous Facebook wall posting definitely has its advantages, the art of conversation may soon be extinct, as those who remember the days of dialogue without a device, become outnumbered by those who do not. If people aren’t engaged in

Where Food Meets Bollywood at Moombai & Co.

Nestled on the ground floor of Dubai’s iconic H Hotel, Moombai & Co merges Bollywood nostalgia with Mumbai’s quintessential dishes to create a fun, friendly eatery. According to Assistant Manager Ajit Mondal, Moombai & Co. is a well-established chain already in nine countries, and more

An Unforgettable Iftar at Ajman Hotel

As it is, Ajman Hotel really is one of my favorite places to unwind,  Ajman Hotel really knows how to celebrate Ramadan with their beautifully decorated iftar and suhour tent which sits right on the ocean front so you can see the beach with the

Mindfulness is an Important Takeaway from Ramadan

Ramadan is nearing its end, and even if you are not a Muslim, one of the key takeaways of the holy month is mindfulness. This includes everything from mindful talking and mindful eating to mindful attention. Here Resha Erheim, CDA Licensed & Canadian Certified Counselor

Understanding Ramadan

Ramadan is here in full swing and is the time when Muslims around the world fast from dawn to dusk, with a special focus on prayers, charity, and spiritual enlightenment. Here Nadine Tayara, Licensed Dietitian and Wellness & Nutrition Consultant talks about the main meals

Start Celebrating You

It seems that every social media platform—from Instagram to Facebook—is flooded with images of beautiful people living exciting, perfect lives. The result is that on a subliminal level, these messages push the fallacy that fat is bad and thin is good and if you aren’t

How to Achieve that Perfect Play Date

One of the many roles of being a parent includes coordinating play dates for your younger children. These planned fun adventures are the ideal place for children to play, make new friends, and learn to socialize with children of their own age. In fact, play

Where Bollywood, Fun, and Food Merge—Hitchki At The Grand Millennium Hotel Barsha Heights

With a design aesthetic and menu that coaxes you to fully embrace the quintessential Bollywood dining experience, Hitchki—located at The Millennium Hotel in Barsha Heights—cleverly weaves delicious food with the nostalgia of Bollywood under one roof resulting in a fantastic dining experience. An international brand,