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Stay Lean and Healthy with these Diet Habits

With the huge amount of fad diets, quick fixes, and dietary dogma out there, most people are left confused about which diet is right for them. Read more about the core healthy habits that are simple, effective, and can be applied to any way of

Achieve Fitness Goals, Even in Ramadan

Many of us are under the impression that Ramadan automatically means that exercise and fitness should slow down. But to clarify, Arwa Traboulsi, a Private Group Instructor and Health Coach reveals her dos and don’ts tips about fasting and fitness. The Reality Fasting during Ramadan

Different Massage Therapies Defined

Are you suffering from an achy back? Or maybe having some sleepless nights? Most of us love to indulge in a good massage, but with all that is out there, it’s hard to actually understand which one is right for us. Read on to understand

Reshape Your Body with Non-Invasive LPG Treatment

The battle against cellulite is real! Often, losing weight or working out regularly is not enough to contour your body, thanks to cellulite, one of the most difficult fat deposits to remove from the body! The solution? LPG, also known as Endermologie or LipoMassage, is

The Brain and Gut Bacteria

Did you know that our brain and our gut are in sync? The two are connected by our nervous system which transfers bacteria from the gut to our brain. We actually have more bacteria in our bodies than cells and so bacteria have an immense

Why All of Us Need to Chill Out Sometimes

While Dubai is the ultimate work hard play hard city, lots of us are forgetting the play part and instead, keep on working as hard as we possibly can until either we get ill or suffer from burn out. The race According to Nic Woodthorpe

Are You Trying to be Too Healthy?

Are You Trying to be Too Healthy? From avoiding carbs, gluten, wheat, and refined sugars to sticking to a Keto diet or calorie-counting, many of us who do our best to stay healthy by eating right don’t realize that this too can go into extremes

Women Must Make Time for Themselves

Women usually put themselves last on the list of priorities, often resulting in anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Here are just of the reasons women must  make time for themselves for optimal well-being.   Nature versus Nurture According to Lisa Laws at Lisa Laws Coaching, many

Chinese Medicine is Gaining Popularity in the UAE

Chinese medicine is used as an alternative to modern medicines in the UAE. These include acupuncture, herbal treatments, and manipulative therapy combined with acupuncture. These treatments have been perfected and used for more than 2,500 years. This makes them popular in the UAE; in fact,

Specific Sport Recommendations During Pregnancy

Sports OsteopathLeah Hearle dishes the truth on what exercises are safe and productive for a healthy pregnancy. Stationary cycling Stationary upright cycling is a low-impact, non-weight-bearing sport recommended by both the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) and ACSM. Studies indicate that fetal