Cooking Your Way to Nutrition

The problem is not always about the food that we eat, many times it’s also the way we cook it. For instance, potatoes are healthy. However, the moment you fry them in oil, the health quotient goes out the door. So, if we start making minute changes in our day-to-day cooking, our kitchen will become our pharmacy.

Here are some changes that you can make right away:

1) Replace that morning cuppa with herbs-Tea is acidic in our body. Coupled with sugar and dairy, it’s probably the worst way to start your day. Instead, infuse lemongrass in hot water. For extra flavor, add ginger, cinnamon, or cardamom and simply enjoy nature’s goodness.

2) Cook in steel or iron cookware-Aluminum and non-stick pans are a big no. They leach into your cooking and then into your body.

3) Cook with zero oil-Oil is nothing, but pure fat and refined oil contain chemicals too. To avoid oil, simply heat your pan and toss in the onions to roast. In case the onions stick, sprinkle some water or salt, and continue roasting. Use freshly grated coconut, peanut powder, or sesame powder to replace oil for added flavor. In case of tempering, ensure you add the dry spice powders after turning off the heat.

4) Steam your way to health-Light steaming rather than overcooking ensures optimum nutrition. Steam your potatoes and beets instead of pressure cooking them. So while your oil-free gravy is getting ready, steam your vegetables on the side and mix the two.

5) Bake instead of fry -Use nut butter or coconut milk as fat in your fried foods, steam, and bake. For example, while making French Fries, steam the potatoes and cool. Mix with coconut milk and herbs, then bake.

6) Use nature’s sugars-Wherever any sweetness is required, use date paste, dry date powder, raisins, figs, or even fruit.

7) Ditch the dairy–Explore the many delicious dairy alternatives to make the most interesting and unimaginable dishes.

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