Do You Have Food Intolerance?

Eggs, peanuts, or gluten,most of us know at least one person who is intolerant to a certain food. In fact, the number of people who believe they are suffering from food intolerance is growing, yet the condition is notoriously hard to diagnose accurately.

It is not the same thing as an allergy and the symptoms are vague and easily put down to other causes such as irritable bowel syndrome, lethargy and migraine to just feeling generally unwell. When an individual is intolerant to a certain food, it is essentially the condition when our bodies cannot deal with the food or beverage we consume as opposed to food allergy which is accompanied by more severe presentations. The problem for GPs is that food intolerance is harder to pin down than a food allergy. Eat a food you are allergic to and the chances are you will see a rash, swelling or running nose of an allergic response within a few minutes. When you’ve eaten something to which you’re intolerant, you may not see any reaction for hours, even days, by which time you will have eaten other foods and the link to the culprit food will be harder to establish. It’s also possible you may be intolerant to more than one food.

Some Triggers

According to Allergy UK, symptoms may also be a reaction to natural food chemicals such as caffeine, or to additives, such as monosodium glutamate (MSG). The quality of air, water and food in our world today is totally changed, for example, Americans use over 8000 chemicals in their food industries and only 50 of them are being annually tested according to the Human Adipose Tissue Survey. There is also an overuse of plastics, heavy pesticides and herbicides usage, processing food items, high amounts of refined sugar in our diets, artificial colors and preservatives, industrialization of food manufacturing, the use of hormones and other stimulants in food industries, genetically modified foods, excessive medications and vaccinations, extensive pollution in our oceans and so on are just the tip of the iceberg.