Don’t Ditch Healthy Eating After Your Wedding

After spending days at the gym and sweating to lose kilos for the big day, many of us regain it all back afterwards. Here’s how we can enjoy the post wedding festivities and delicious food that comes with it yet still maintain our weight.


One common mistake that women make is that they start thinking in the lines of ‘where is the time to think about my health/ exercise/ watch my portions? Yet healthy behaviors, like nutritious eating and regular physical activity, may help you meet the challenges of your new life and in fact, healthy eating and regular exercise may help you feel energized among other things. The best way to keep the lost weight at bay is to eat healthfully and be physically active.

Healthy alternatives to the usual ‘sinful’culprits as follows:

  • Instead of cake and pasties, order fresh fruits. Instead of ordering fried savories, bear in mind these also taste great when they are baked or grilled, especially when you think of how good they are to reduce your waist line.
  • Substitute frozen yogurt for ice cream; sweetened beverages can be easily replaced with sparkling water with a little fresh fruit juice; fresh fruit coolers are definitely healthier.
  • You don’t need to shy away from bread and rice, just choose the healthier high fiber versions…think quinoa, lentils, beans, brown rice, wild rice, whole meal bread, rye bread, and pumpernickel bread.
  • Eat dark green leafy and root vegetables such as watercress, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, green beans, peas and peppers.
  • Buy foods that are low in fat and only shop when you are not hungry. Shop only from a list and stay away from convenience stores and
    carry appropriate snacks from home and avoid vending machines.