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Having been a resident of Dubai for over 20 years, it is a rare thing to find a celebrity hairstylist who intuitively knows how to do your hair…exactly how you want it and knows the right way to correct old hair mistakes.  Meet celebrity hair stylist Katerina  Kotsoni, also the salon manager of VK Beauty Lounge & Bar, who has decades of experience and is first and foremost an academician who has taught students’ the art and science of hair.

A little backstory—stepping into VK Beauty Lounge & Bar, my hair looked pretty abysmal. A bad haircut had left me paranoid about anyone taking scissors to my hair plus my existing Balayage needed some serious perking up. Katerina opted to do three things at once—my roots required touching up. Then decided to add a few foils to refresh my faded Balayage, and lastly she would apply a professional treatment all over my hair to ensure the hair would remain undamaged and would actually strengthen from within.

The treatment to be used was the Brazilian Bond Build 3 R which Katerina explained was a next level deep hair reconstructor that actually penetrates the hair follicles and fills in the gaps where the damage has incurred. She waxed lyrical about how this and Olaplex (another reconstructor) has revolutionized the way hair is being colored nowadays—these deep, professional reconstructors’ have enabled hair stylists to work their creative genius with crazy colors to hair powered bleach which used to often cause lots of damage to the hair. The color used in the foils was Magma by Wella used especially for highlights and doesn’t require toner.

After 30 minutes my hair was shampooed and treated again to the Brazilian Bond Build 3 R treatment over the sink. After a straight blow dry, Katerina set about to cut my hair because my bad haircut was uneven and cut in straight, rather than blended lines. The amount of hair she cut was minimal, but made a tremendous difference in my uneven haircut.

The Verdict: Katerina is more than an experienced hairdresser. She’s a master of all things hair. And VK Beauty Lounge & Bar is a haven for not only hair, but all beauty related services under one roof.  


Instagram: @katerina_kotsoni_hairexpert


VK Beauty Lounge & Bar

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