Everything You Wanted to Know About Liposuction, but were Afraid to Ask

After pregnancy or just entering mid-age, many women end up with unflattering bulges that just don’t budge, despite healthy eating and exercise. Liposuction can definitely help; Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Maurizio Viel answers everything you wanted to know about technique, but were afraid to ask.

Q  Are non-surgical body sculpturing treatments effective?

Non-invasive treatments can only remove very minute amount of fat over several treatments.  However, this cannot shape the fat on the body.  Only a liposuction is able to shape and remove the fat to give a better end result.

Q What is the most effective way to sculpt the body, but tighten at the same time?

The best method is to use the liposuction modality where the liposuction machine also emits a type of energy whilst also dissolving the fat.  The heat that is emitted helps with better skin retraction.  An example of this type of liposuction is the VASER Liposuction which uses ultrasound energy.  A probe is inserted into the patient, and ultrasound energy is emitted to target only fat cells whilst leaving surrounding tissue untouched.  The ultrasound energy also emits heat which helps with skin retraction at the same time.

Q What is the downtime and when do you see results?

Liposuction is a day-case surgery that takes place under sedation, not general anesthesia.  The patient will be in a gentle slumber and not have any memory of the procedure.  Patients are able to walk around after the procedure, but may take a few days off work.  They can exercise again after 10 days.

Q Post pregnancy, what is the best technique for a woman who wants more kids, but is very flabby?

In this case, we would recommend a liposuction with a mini tummy tuck.  The surgeon will perform the VASER liposuction first to remove the excess fat, and later remove a little excess skin with the mini tummy tuck.

Q  Which liposuction technique is the least invasive, and in your opinion, the best?

VASER Liposuction still remains at the forefront of the industry as the results remain superior because of the skin tightening, and fat removal due to the ultrasound technology emitted from the probe.  The ultrasound waves target only the fat cells, leaving all surrounding tissue and blood vessels. This means there is less bruising and bleeding, and the patients have a quicker recovery time.