Five Travel Beauty Essentials

The season of vacationing is just around the corner and for many of us; this also means a whole new level of brainstorming– how to pack light, how to not rummage through your bags hopelessly every time you need something, how to glow and radiate confidence despite the erratic schedules. Check out our compilation of five beauty must-haves for stress-free travel.

1. Handy Towelettes and Clean Wipes

There are many refreshing options available like coconut water, green tea, rose, yuzu, charcoal, and pomegranate, each with a unique benefit. Just put this in your bag, and stay clean and refreshed at all times. It’s great for quick makeup removal as well.

2. A Multi-purpose Salve

This is the holy-grail of multi-purpose beauty products and once you get your hands on it, you won’t be able to do without it. Dab a bit on your lips, use it to tame your brows, and even apply on dry elbows.

3. Dry Shampoo

You cannot run around shampooing your hair and then wait for it to dry whilst on a tight itinerary. And who wants bad hair days when on vacation? With this product in your bag, you may never face another bad hair day again.

4. Beauty Boxes

Instead of buying a lot of different products, go for buying personalized beauty boxes that entail portable bottles catering to your skin needs. It’s a must-have for a quick fix.

5. Mini Hair Straightener Brush with Adjustable Temperature.

The women of the 21st-century hands-down bless the inventor of this product. This is the most precious gift for the ladies in your life. Get smooth silky hair quickly and end all of your hair troubles with just a quick brush through your locks.

(Author: Jessica Smith has been writing for Truecorset and is a traveler who enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.) Links: