Follow this Check-List for Happiness

We all know that happiness is a journey, not a final destination. But along the ay there are some easy ways to increase the joy quotient into our lives, as follows.

Eat a Happy Diet

Eat more whole-foods like fruits, vegetables, dark chocolates, nuts, seeds, eggs, salmon, and dried fruits. These foods are packed with antioxidants, vitamin B12, and omega 3, which will keep you feeling good. Aim to avoid processed foods which give a minor spike of happiness, but will entail a sudden crash associated with sad feeling, just after a few minutes.

Get Outside

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked with depression, so wear your comfortable shoes, and go out for a walk. Even the greenery and nature along with physical activity has a positive impact on your brain, gets stimulated, and releases endorphins, to give you that very happy feeling.

Nurture Spirituality

Depression and other mood disorders are linked with having low-spiritual connection. So, harness one. Nurture your belief in a One Supreme Authority, and His powers, and look as things change. It will make you more content, and will you to a more positive outlook about life.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Make it a habit to jot down at least one solid reason you feel gratitude today—be it the love you felt from a friend to the ability to enjoy a meal, the point is to acknowledge and consciously note down what you feel and why. Also, looking at people less privileged from oneself will definitely make one grateful, and glad.