Four Ways to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

We all get surrounded by toxic folks at a point in our life time. Knowing how to combat individuals who run on your energy is important to keep your own aura balanced. If you feel drained, depressed or even simply restless around someone, then this is a sign that your energy is being consumed.

1.Be aware of your own energy

We have energy centers located all over our body. If you tend to get unexplained physical weariness or pain in specific points across your body, then beware that your psychic battery is low! Notice how you are feeling when you wake up, before you leave your house, around your social circle and when you get back home. It would be so helpful if you can keep an energy tracking journal to keep a record for your own reference. However, note that the stronger our energy system is, the less affected we are by energy vampires. This means you need to be mindful of your limiting beliefs and emotional triggers because they allow others to manipulate your energy.

2.Learn to say no

If you know someone who keeps endlessly demanding, remember that you have the choice to walk away and not respond to their needs. When you reject to participate in such an interaction, you immediately stop the energy exchange between you two. Keep in mind that people can consume your energy only if you allow them to do so.

3.Meditate even when around energy vampires

Meditation helps keep you grounded and prevents external forces from unbalancing your energy levels. You can simply take deep breaths in and out. Focus on the number of breaths you are taking while concentrating on things that trigger positive feelings or thoughts that can get you energized. Alternatively, you can visualize a large bubble of white light surround your body. Your subconscious mind automatically establishes a psychic protection shield. This will prevent external stimuli from changing your vibrations.

4.Protect yourself with tourmaline

Tourmaline is a very powerful, black gem stone that is known to repel negative energy and protect your aura from getting manipulated. Worn as a jewelry, this miraculous stone puts an energetic boundary around you, which prevents harmful energy exchange. Quantum physicians have studied the tourmaline stone to find out that it creates a grid of protection which not only balances out your energy levels, but also dispel energies that have low levels of vibration.

(Written by: Mai Elsayed, a clinical hypnotherapist with psychotherapy and counseling skills, specializing in cognitive behavioral approaches, is the founder of Bitter-Sweet, a blog that talks about the 360-degree of living from a psychological point of view.)