Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet

A huge space located at City Walk, Dubai, Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet is seriously out-of-the-box culinary concept in Dubai with six different kitchens under one roof— Italian, Indian, sushi, grill, Asian, and a café. The best part is that each kitchen is headed by a chef fully specialized in that particular cuisine and all implement the French gourmet style of both plating and the use of micro herbs.

Each area has a niche selection of gourmet food items for sale as well, similar to a market so while you are dining. Upstairs is also expansive with an area set aside for cooking classes and also a seating area for movie night for kids.

From the gigantic menu, we enjoyed organic red and white quinoa salad with roasted peppers, Heirloom tomatoes, Greek feta cheese, zaatar and pomegranate, dressed with tarragon mustard and a splash of rapeseed oil.

We also tried a samosas platter from the India section which had mince, vegetable, and potato variations served with yogurt/mint and tamarind chutneys. I really enjoyed these as the pastry was flaky, not oily, and gave just the right bite. We also loved the crystal shrimp dumpling steamed prawns which had a slight bite as the dough used was different than the traditional dough used to make dumplings. Also, inside were large pieces of prawns not the typical minced style.

They offer lots of mocktails too here; I had the Yuzu lemonade—Yuzu is a citrus fruit that comes from Japan and was tangy, yet not too tart deliciously refreshing lemonade. My daughter had the Lotus milkshake which was, of course, an instant hit and finished within minutes.

Now for the mains; it was a tough choice choosing from such a huge menu, but I had the green Thai curry with rice—a mellow coconut-tty green sauce enveloping chunks of boneless organic chicken and slightly crispy vegetables, My daughter’s pasta—the fusilli in carbonara with veal bacon and parmesan cream was another hit. By the end of this fantastic meal, we were almost too stuffed for dessert, but of course, couldn’t say no.

We dove into a warm baked date pudding which was decadent with a spongy baked toffee cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a tiny jug of warm toffee syrup.

The Verdict: Not only is City Walk a super happening place to visit especially in the winter, but Galeries Lafayette Le Gourmet has something for everyone with sourced high-quality ingredients and lots of really superb dishes.