Golden Rules of Remote Working

Emails, messaging, and even video conferencing have made working productively out of the office or remote working more popular than ever before. Yet to make it work, there are several rules to follow to make it work.

1 Keep your office space and leisure space completely separate. Do not use a guest room or children’s room as your office. Even if you use a room divider, divide up a space just for you and your work space.

2 Be disciplined. This means getting up early, getting dressed, and treating your office timings as anyone going to the office would.

3 Schedule everything. Whether this is a break for lunch or phone calls, working from home does not mean squeezing in work in-between activities, but a serious commitment that requires planning and preparation in advance.

4 Take it very seriously. Make sure friends and family are aware that this is your job and as such, do not accept calls or visits during working hours unless work related.