Hosting a Party—What You Need to Know

Hosting the perfect festive party can be tricky with those endless lists of everything from the food to the décor, theme, and the guest list. Use our guide to make your party a huge success.

The type of party

Are you hosting an intimate gathering with close friends and family? Or are you inviting a large group? This will automatically make planning the other elements of your party easier.

Compile a guest list

Once you’ve finalized the type of party you’re going to host, settle on a time, date, the menu, and the final guest list. Decide then how you will guest list, and menu. Then put together a list of people to invite and decide how you’re going to inform your guests.

Plan your menu

Now that you know what kind of party you will be hosting and you have finalized your guest list, create your menu from start to finish. Start with the amuse bouche and welcome juices. Then finalize what you will serve as hors d’ouevres and then course by course. Once each item is clearly decided, create your shopping list accordingly.


For the table, experts suggest to think small when it comes to decorations.  Rather than loading up the table with candles and flowers, save space for the food; instead of lots of decorations, stick to one centerpiece, such a floral arrangement.